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Yesterday I finished watching the Toy Story Trilogy. I know it’s a bit late… but I’m so glad that I finally watched it. Toy Story 1 good, Toy Story 2 is better… but Toy Story 3 was just amazing! What a story, what twists, what character sketching, brilliant background score, great direction!

This led me to add my new entry into my Top 25 Screen Icons ever… Woody! Brave, loyal, a true friend, smart and a good leader… that’s what makes up Woody (voiced over by Tom Hanks). From the first installment of Toy Story Lyra[4] till the end, Woody remains true to his character and a hero all along. I don’t like characters who are just perfect… Woody wasn’t! Do you remember in Toy Story 1 where Woody becomes jealous of Buzz Lightyear stealing his spotlight? His jealousy and anger takes over him and plans to eliminate Buzz… and was in fact successful. But his inner true character kicks in again and he puts his own life on the line, saving Buzz and winning another true friend!

If you don’t know already, all the top 25 spots in my favourites list are occupied! Woody is the latest entry replacing Lyra Belacqua (from The Golden Compass) brilliantly played by Dakota Blue Richards. Lyra too was brave when no one expected her to be… but Woody stands out more! I wonder who will be the next favourite on the list and who will it replace? Damn! Replacing is tough!

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