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FemaleTvRoles(1)1. Anita Kanwar as Laajo in Buniyaad

Buniyaad narrated the story of Master Haveliram, a patriotic and principled man, who chose teaching as his way of building the so-called ideal society. Anita Kanwar – who played Laajoji, the simple wife of Master Haveliram, was his student. This character is remembered because she was one woman who stood up for what she believed. It portrayed more of woman’s emancipation in a man’s world.

FemaleTvRoles(2)2. Priya Tendulkar in and as Rajani

In 1985, with the huge success of TV series ‘Rajani‘, Priya Tendulkar who played the protagonist, rose to national fame. She portrayed the role of a housewife who shuns injustice, fights against the corrupt social system and solves social issues. This role made her a household name. Simple and unlayered, the acting was convincing. It caught the imagination of a heterogeneous public and became a blockbuster overnight. Now that she has passed away, Priya is still remembered also for her minor (but striking) role in the crazy-comedy Hum Paanch where she was locked up in her death portrait.

FemaleTvRoles(3)3. Navneet Nishan in and as Tara

It was in the 90s that viewers saw a path breaking serial called ‘Tara’. Navneet Nishan sketched the lead role and with growing popularity, she became a household name. Both the actor and the serial dominated the television industry for a very long time. With characteristics like being mean, bitchy, she shattered the “good girl” image. In the year 1994, with ‘Tara’, India got its first taste of a long-running unconventional soap.

FemaleTvRoles(4)4. Mandira Bedi in and as Shanti

Came the 90s and Doordarshan witnessed an array of hit tele-serials targeting women. One amongst them was a daily series – ‘Shanti’. With 804 ongoing episodes, it was an incredible success story in the history of Indian television. The character of Shanti was played by Mandira Bedi. The serial depicted the story of a strong, inspirational, career oriented woman in the world of showbiz. This headstrong woman also happened to be an illegitimate child who returns to take revenge and fight for both herself and her mother’s rights. The show only came to an end when it seemed that the story was dragging on and TRPs had dipped. But Mandira today, with her hot, model, party figure image is still remembered for her fine acting in that landmark serial.

FemaleTvRoles(5)5. Neena Gupta as Priya in Saans

Directed and enacted by Neena Gupta, this emotional serial portrayed the real life problems faced by most of us in society. It portrayed the declining phase of a husband-wife relationship. It demonstrated the problems faced by Gupta after her husband, Kanwaljeet Singh gets infatuated with a lady, who is a maniac and then starts the worst phase in the life of Gupta. It showed, how despite of all the problems, she managed to handle her family and children. The serial set a standard for the woman of today’s era and sends a message: “Yes, we can stand, even without you.”

FemaleTvRoles(6)6. Shefali Shah as Savi in Hasratein

A story which revolved around extra marital affairs, Shefali played the lead called Savi. Considering our male dominated society, ‘Hasratein’ had a woman who got away with a lot of things that traditionally only a man could do. The serial helped society to look at the world from a woman’s point of view. Shefali’s histrionics were applauded and the serial owed a lot of its success to her inputs.

FemaleTvRoles(7)7. Nikki Aneja as Simran in ‘Astitva: Ek Prem Kahani

Astitva – Ek Prem Kahani is all about Dr.Simran Mathur, a successful gynecologist. Having devoted her entire life towards achieving this success, she finds herself lonely, as she edges closer to her mid-thirties. At this point Abhimanyu steps in. This 24-year-old Abhi brings out the feminine side of Simran and brings her in contact with her desires and needs. Initially Simran resists him but gradually she is unable to resist and is left with no alternatives when Abhi proposes her for marriage.
After their marriage, Abhi gets attracted to a model who is younger to him and betrays Simran. But, this powerful lady is not dependent on her husband for every need and knows how to handle her family and career even without him. This was the first serial to break the trend that a man has to be elder than the woman to marry her. Nikki won many a heart and many an award for this portrayal.

FemaleTvRoles(8)8. Smriti Irani as Tulsi Virani in ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Born to a poor pujari and married into a rich household, Tulsi is a clever, intelligent and sensitive bahu stuck with the scheming mother-in-law. Tulsi’s cause is championing the underdog. She was a dutiful daughter, an ideal bahu, a perfect mother and an emphatic saas– the complete homemaker who binds the family into a single cord of harmony. Though Smriti made an exit from the show people still remember her as Tulsi. She;s probably the most watched, most famous character on Indian TV till date.

FemaleTvRoles(10)9. Nausheen Ali in and as “Kkusum

Just like the tag line of the serial this was a “special story of a simple girl”. From a below muddle class family, Kkusum got married to a rich household, where her husband Abhay had an extra-marital affair with his secreatary Isha. When things aggravated Kkusum held her ground and move forward strongly. But it didn’t stop there. Abhay falsely repented for what he did and went on to have affairs with not two, not three but four “other women” each time while he was married to Kkusum. Kkusum too had another marriage with Siddharth, but he later died in an accident and then Kkusum was all on her own. At the end, Abhay’s karma hit him back hard and he became mentally retarded!
In fact, so did the Indian audience! They could not stand seeing so many marriages and divorces one after another. Yet, the serial was a resounding hit, and Kkusum will be character to remember, although her character was played by two other actresses in the final seasons of the serial!!

FemaleTvRoles(9)10. Mona Singh as Jassi in ‘Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi

Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi lifted from the English series Ugly Betty was the story of a simple girl named Jassi – an ugly but brilliant duckling who later turned into a beautiful swan. This courageous and liberal girl secretly falls in love with her boss but gets betrayed and later gets back her love. With faith in love and life put to test many a times, the serial showcased the journey of an ugly looking girl and her encounter with the real world. Mona Singh did complete justice to her debut role. This serial gave a break to the shaadi-divorce pattern which was shown in almost all Indian serial at that time… but eventually even Jassi ended up in the same soup!

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