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You might have watched many reality shows for singing, dancing and other talents. Here’s one instance that happened on the dance stage… SEX! Yep! You heard rite… in probably the best dance dance reality show ever on TV, So You Think You Can Dance, the audience watched live SEX for four consecutive seasons. It was sex, sexy and very sexual… you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch these videos… and yes… PG and 18+ required! Check out the first video. Season 2 saw the first launch of… SEX!

Haha. So you watched the above video? How was  it? Did you feel… the SEX??!! Now You got to give it to David’s determination… or if you want to call that his foolishness… he was back in Season 3 and his mom Mrs. Sex had more to a verbal argument with the judge too! Check it out here.

SEX comes back in Season 4. This time the judges get real or at least try to get real. SEX (David) is living in a world of myth and the judges try their best to bring him back… but hey… he’s SEX… he’s the best!

Finally, to put an end to SEX’s increasing popularity comes another warrior… Leo… from Ukraine. The judges find that Leo and SEX could have a stand off… and they do! Leo and SEX take it on the dance floor in The Battle in Seattle. This is considered one of the greatest battles in history ever! LOL.

So how was it… who did you think should have won… Leo or SEX??!! Just like Nygel, I think SEX should have won. Its great to see creations like SEX (David). It amazes me about the kind of people that have walked the earth.