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Change is Coming

We have moved to


First of all, apologies for not posting for almost a week. I was off town for some work and after I returned, it was time to go for a revival, a revamp! As I said in my August 2010  Round-Up, we’re in for a change and to change for the better. If everything goes as planned, then here are the changes that you will see within the next two to three days!

  • We’re moving to a new self-hosted domain space :-)
  • A new theme; fresher look
  • Enabled Rating for posts and comments
  • Mariouana Polls will be a new feature
  • Mario’s PJ Time and Marioism will be added to the blog. You will love these! :-)
  • A Gush of awesome posts coming your way… trust me!

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support. Thanks to for the free domain… won two contests in a month ;-) Surprisingly our RSS subscribers have increased during the past two weeks! Once the newer version of Mariouana is setup we’ll be back in business! Please do wait a while until then. Thank you.