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russia-youtubeRussia and Pakistan go along way in history with my country India… but on opposite ways. Russia is one of India’s Best Friends even though India has good ties with the US as well. Whereas Pakistan is the typical next door neighbor who is still fighting with us for a better share in the garden… Kashmir.

But these countries are pretty weird in their current existence. Pakistan was a democracy… it still is… but doesn’t seem so! Then Musharraf regime began, then the Emergency, and finally after everything cooled down somewhat, a government was going to come in place. But then again, its potential leader Benazir Bhutto was killed and they still haven’t progressed ANYWHERE in the case!!! Finally we saw an elected Pakistan Government which again many say is being rules by the Army, President Zardari got into many controversies, the Foreign Minister speaks in different tones every time!

Recently Pakistan snubbed India twice when India offered a small aid for the Pakistan flood victims. If you have read the news reports the JuD and LeT are also offering help to the flood victims and gaining their confidence. Now when all the countries, the UN and your next door neighbor is offering help (in whatever way!) why can’t you just ignore those non-reputed groups, if you can ignore India when they are trying to strike a chord?! Fine… at least after all the fuss from both sides, Pakistan finally accepted the meager $5mn. This makes me curl my forehead at Pakistan’sPakistan-and-Facebook-006 behaviour. They snub India, instigate violence in Kashmir, ban open and democratic web spaces like Facebook and YouTube, but they just can’t take ANY action against these terrorist groups. With 1/5th of Pakistan getting washed away, have they learnt any lessons?

When it comes to Russia… yes, I’m glad that the people of Russia overturned communism almost two decades ago, but then again recently we saw even Russia banning YouTube for some “extremist” material shown. If there are some weeds growing in the garden, you can’t just chop off the entire garden?!! Both materials posted on YouTube in Pakistan and Russia are more against the establishment then to the people. The people are hurt of course, but it is the same people who don’t just go ahead and ban it completely! Reputed Islamic Scholars came on live TV across India and Pakistan saying that the ban wasn’t necessary and just a bold censorship would have sufficed.

After banning YouTube, Russia too joins a long list of governments that have blocked access to YouTubeat some point or another, including China, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand and the UAE. YouTube material has been censored in the U.S. and U.K. which I think the other countries could have followed too! If you are in a “true democracy” you have to let the people decide than decide for the people. If you continue banning things like this, you are encouraging extremism with the common man itself, especially in disturbed countries like Pakistan.

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