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DirtyHarryI don’t have to give any introduction to Paul, the Octopus who stole the limelight during the Fifa World Cup more than any other player, incident, team or even Spain, which won as predicted by Paul. But Paul wasn’t the only creature to predict. In fact, he’s not the only water-animal to predict! Here’s… Harry the Crocodile… called as “Dirty Harry”.

Dirty Harry is now all over the news for his predictions, this time overshadowing his German Counterpart, Paul. Paul used to eat a clam or some sea food from any one of the boxes dropped in his aquarium, and thus state his prediction. Whereas Dirty Harry here, is a huge salt water crocodile… above him is a string on which two chicken carcasses are suspended with a photo of the two entities to be chosen from. Octopus-Paul

Dirty Harry snatched the chicken placed below Julia Gillard’s photo thus predicting that Julia will be winning the Australian Elections! News reports say that the Australian election is on a 50-50 chance that the election may go either way or for a hung parliament. But Harry the croc says that Julia will be re-elected as Prime Minister of Australia and the Opposition headed by Tony Abbott, will remain in the Opposition. Julia Gillard is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia since she recently took the post on 24 June 2010, after Kevin Rudd lost the support of his party and had to step down.

JuliaGillardShe is the first female Prime Minister of Australia and so is the Indian President and Indian Lok Sabha Speaker! Hmmm… women on the rise. Hehe. Anyway, coming back to Dirty Harry and the elections, do you think our Indian politicians will have… say… Tinku to Dog predicting elections results after 4 years?? Hope Paul and Harry remain until then to give us pre-election results. But you can never trust our politicians… they may bribe these creatures onto their side (!!!) or worse… kill them!

P.S.: Dirty Harry is not just this Psychic Croc. It’s also a 1971 film starring Clint Eastwood… click here. Hold on, Dirty Harry is also the bullet round which the British troops use against the Taliban! Strange! Check it out here. To know more about the Australian Elections click here. What’s also strange is that in the country where Steve Irwin, also called “The Crocodile Hunter” lived, is a croc now taking so much importance.

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