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“A love story set amid a rivalry among bike gangs in the gritty streets of Mumbai.” That’s what the plot summary on it’s IMDB page says. The plot synopsis isn’t added yet, and even user rating is not given for this movie on IMDB as yet.

Gist: ‘One Shot Nandu’ (played by Neil Nithin Mukesh) is a fighter who fights his matches blindfolded and just with the final ‘one-shot’ defeats his opponents. Pinky Palkar (played by Deepika Padukone) is a simple girl in the basthi’s of Mumbai who loves to dance and is a pro-skater. With her amazing skate-dancing skills she wants to enter into a reality show India’s Got Talent and win the grand prize liberating her from the small world that she’s in and finding the true superstar in her. But a certain unfortunate event blinds her completely… she loses her sight, but not her hope! Moved by her determination, Nandu, amidst all the gang-soup that he’s in… takes an oath that he will make her succeed. That’s when the love story begins and moves on till the (not so hidden) truth emerges out at the end.

I have not told you anything other than the basic skeleton of the story, because if I do, then there won’t be anything for you to watch! The story is too predictable and a little different also… but nothing that will drop your jaw down. If you think this movie is about bike stunts, gangs, action, think again… this is Love Story… just a Love Story! So don’t expect much from this. There aren’t any lip-sync playback songs but nice background music given by Salim-Sulaiman.

There are two IMPORTANT scenes in the movie which are completely and BADLY EDITED. Its horrible!! This I have to tell you. Notice in the last scenes when Nandu (Neil Nithin Mukesh) is skating on stage, during certain dance stunts, you can actually make out that it’s been performed by his stunt double!!! The editing is THAT BAD!! Just to make the movie stand out, the gang story, the biker-life is thrown in, when its actually only the Love Story talking through the whole movie.

Just like the cop at the end of the film while closing the case, even the audience in the theater went like this “Oh…so this is a love story!” Yash Chopra needs to strengthen his scripts! This is a one-time watch if you want a timepass in the weekend…

2 Stars

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