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This post is absolutely not to tell you how to make your head grow! But I think you will love this. You must have played at least one or the other computer games in your life whether its sci-fi, action, one-on-one, racing or simple web based flash games. Here’s an amazing flash game called “Make My Head Grow”!!! Now, when it comes to flash games, its should be simple, addictive, attractive and fun! This one’s got it all!


“Make My Head Grow” is a two player battle game. Each player control a small angry guy trying to push the other guys box over the edge. As everyone knows smacking your head into the ground makes your head grow – maybe even enough to make your box move…
So this is the principle behind the game. You hit your head to the ground, your head grows, and then you can push the box you’re in with the increased weight of your head to bang your opponent’s box! LOL!!! This is simply fun! Note: You can keep the ‘Up’ arrow button pressed and then bang your head to the ground, to make your bigger sooner! :P

It has won the Nordic Game Jam 2009 – ‘Bring From Home Track’ awards for Best Visual Style, Best Sound Design, Most Innovative Controls, Best Overall Game – Audience Award and Best Overall Game – Panel Award. It has also won several other awards. What’s amazing to me is the amount of fun in its very little simplicity! Check out their Downloads section to have the game on your desktop, the wallpapers, and especially the Theme Song. It’s simply awesome! What a work of creativity and talent!

This game requires Flash Player 10 and a simple use of the arrow keys on you keyboard. That’s it! Bored during your holidays? Nothing to do? Want to let your anger out on something? This is where you go to! ;-) If you love this game (which I’m sure you will) you can join them on Facebook.

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