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ellen degeneres lookDo you watch Reality Shows? Are you addicted to some of them? Well I am… to some. And some are just bull%&*tt!! In a “reality” show there are so many things to talk about the actual “reality” of the show. One big concern when it comes to these reality shows for me is the judging panel (for the shows which require one!!).

Recently, American Idol has lost two of its most watched judges ever… Simon and Paula. Now that they have gone, the show won’t be exactly the same, with the same feel until the audience get re-adjusted again… and I think most already have. Then again Ellen DeGeneres was added to the show, but is not going to be present next season! Thank God! Well, I’m a big fan of Ellen, one of the best hosts/anchors we have in the world… but I don’t think she was the right choice to be on Idol… just because she was a die hard fan of it!

farah[4]Being an Indian, and witnessing the crazy rise of reality shows on Indian TV today, I want to comment on some weird choices for judges that have ruined TV for me!

1. Farah Khan: She was in the first two seasons of Indian Idol, Nach Baliye Season 4 and I many others. While she was in Indian Idol, all she said was either “Apna bag pack karlo” or “It was a Rock star performance” (even for slow romantic songs!!!) or “You touched my heart”!!! On dance shows like Nach Baliye or Dance India Dance, instead of commenting the technicalities of the dance, she only passes general ‘jokey’ comments, like ‘You remind me of Hrithik’, ‘You need to have a good breakfast’! Is she actually paid for all that!! But it sinks well with the common man… surprisingly!

arjun-rampal2. Arjun Rampal: Well, I don’t have to tell you much about him. All I will say to shock you is that this man has judged a DANCE SHOW… for an entire season!!! God Bless Reality TV! This ‘rape of reality’ happened on Nach Baliye Season 4, which got into so much soup, mismanaged episodes, criticism from the great Saroj Khan against the judging panel and half-hearted participation from the contestants. In one of the episodes, the judges were like “This is a dance show! Why are you not dancing??!!!”” ROFL!

sajid[4]3. Sajid Khan: The Big mouth of Indian TV and now even Cinema. After directing just two movies both of which have been UNFORTUNATELY HIT, but CRITICALLY FLOP!!! He was also “Shut Up!” by India’s finest film makers Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker on National Television during the Star Screen Awards 2009, where I was present too…! Now, Sajid Khan is a judge on ‘India’s Got Talent’ Season 2… I don’t think he’s qualified as yet to judge the unique and various talent across the country… that too replacing Shekhar Kapoor of Season 1. However, Sajid is sure to add more entertainment value to the show, than Shekhar Kapoor (if that’s what all want!)

udit4. Udit Narayan: No comments about this guy! Ya ya… he may be India’s greatest singers ever and all that… and he may also be a good choice for judging Indian Idol Season 3… but I would never expect an artist of his caliber to hide under the judging table when he cannot comment after a performance! Yep! He did that twice on the show!!!

5. Mithun Chakraborthy: The grandmaster of Dance India Dance… for me he’s the GRANDFATHER of Dance India Dance! All he says is “Too Good”, “Excellent, what a performance”, “You are a good dancer”, “It’s amazing I tell you”… and the moment he stands up to give his Grandfather’s… I mean… Grand salute… I fall asleep!! Again, he may be a dance legend and all… but a complete no-no for a judge if he keeps talking like this!!!

I’m sure you would have your views and comments on this… I’d be glad to know them…

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