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I just finished my Engineering in Computer Science this June and was placed in my last semester in January this year. Now, for those who are still not placed and the current batch who are trying for placements might find this article useful. I’m writing this post, after I received many doubts and questions on how one can crack campus placements. There are many points of view to this.
Note: I will not mention any individual names of people and companies for company policy reasons.

Campus Placements is definitely an easier way of getting a job and starting your career, than off-campus. The companies come to the doorstep of your college, give their presentations and introductions, and in some colleges, students can even choose which company they would like to join, rather than the companies choosing them.

This article is just a useful road-map on how you can prepare yourself to do your best. Now, here’s how you can go about it. As you read on,  apply the situation to your current scenario, your college placement-conditions and any other factors that you are involved in. Only then, you can jot down a nice plan and go ahead smoothly. So here we go:

  1. What do you want? Be sure of what you want and what you need. Are you going for campus placements just because there is a chance to? Are you planning for higher studies first? I asked many people, whether working first is better, or finishing studies. To be honest, again its up to your situation. You can decide to finish all your studies now, and then only concentrate on work; or you can work for a few years, and pursue your higher studies with a loan from your company, etc. Whatever may be your choice, please go through the campus placement process, because if you are placed, then the choice becomes harder, but at least you are secure and now you can choose between two options of work and study.
  2. Criteria and Filtration: This is what the companies and your college are going to do to you. All you have to do is see where you fall into. They will filter the eligible candidates based on percentages, aggregates, etc. Hopefully all your past and present grades are good and you will be eligible. There’s nothing much you can do about this. But, once the criteria is set by the college and by every company that visits, make sure to know the criteria of every company. Compare companies by their info, salary, reputation, probable work location, and other factors. Ask your seniors who are already working in those companies for first hand info. Don’t ignore ANY company unless you are already placed in a good company. Plan your options well here. Planning is always very important. Take care of certain restrictions that your college may impose like, answering only limited placement tests, dream company, etc. One important point, don’t compare companies of the same level based on salary. That’s not a wise thing to do.
  3. Aptitude Tests: Well, these tests may vary from company to company. Some may ask simple math, some only logical reasoning, some both, some along with English too. Don’t waste much time on English unless you are really weak in it. Practice your aptitude thoroughly. Reasoning and math aptitude books by R. S. Agarwal are good to start with. CAT and other MBA entrance books are also very helpful. If you have a few particular companies that you are targeting, then focus your full attention on them and their test patterns, but also do a general study for other aptitude tests as well.
  4. Interview: For now, just remember one thing. The interview fever is all in the mind, that’s all. Remove it! Any interview is nothing but a conversation to know you better. That’s all. Don’t think that if you make a mistake they are going to grill you, and punish you or anything. You are the only person who can keep up your confidence, so just don’t worry. Someone across the table is having a formal chat with you, so just answer politely. That’s all. If you don’t know the answer to a question, there’s no harm in saying a polite ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know’. Your resume is what counts here. Do read How to get that Amazing Resume? and my post on Interviews which will be published soon.
  5. What else should I do? Research, Plan and Grab. Keep surfing the net for info about the companies that are coming to your college, ask your seniors about their experiences in those companies etc. Plan out how you are going to answer the placement tests, how many tests, which company’s tests, etc. Grab any opportunity that comes your way, whether it’s a placement in your college or neighbouring colleges. Once your placed, take your steps carefully, and keep the bird in hand than jumping for two in the bush.

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Finally, remember these last three important points.

  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you think you cannot get placed, then I guarantee you will NOT get placed. If you believe in yourself and have the confidence that you will get placed, then if you have given it your best, YOU WILL SURELY BE PLACED.
  • BEING NERVOUS IS NORMAL.You may be nervous during this entire process, but so are everyone. Some may show the nervousness on their face, some many not; but even the company officials know, that all of you will be nervous. This is not MTV Roadies. So being nervous is no problem at all. Just be yourself and be cool.
  • CAMPUS PLACEMENT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Its just the first step to get a job. If you don’t make it here, there are still a LOT of other chances. I can give you a list of names of my friends who did not even qualify for the placement tests but now are placed in better companies! That’s only because they followed these three points.

Do well and all the best. You success is in your hands. My definition of Luck: “God’s interference when you don’t expect him to” and so keep praying. Only if you do your best, God will do his best, otherwise, its luck. Cheers.
Also read How to get that Amazing Resume? and How to Rock your Interview?

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