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RaavanMovie goers have different styles and tastes to watch movies. Some would prefer the best of the best atmospheres to watch movies like 3D dome theaters and balcony seats, others may wait for the blu-ray discs, while others may just download it and avoid the theatres. If you ask me, I prefer watching any good movie in the theatre… whether its Hollywood or Bollywood.

Unfortunately, Bollywood from the past two years has failed miserably in delivering to the needs of the audience. So far this year we have seen only three major hits namely Raajneeti, Houseful and My Name is Khan. To be honest, Houseful was a success only financially and was just torture to the eyes! The other two were ok and quite entertaining, considering the star-power too! But this year we had so many expectations from many other big names like Kites, Raavan, Rann and Paatshaala. Plus, there were those who pleased us enough for the money we paid like Lamhaa, Khatta Meeta, etc. Some of you mayKites disagree… these might have been worse!

So what do the producers of these ‘biggies’ do when their films bomb at the box office? They turn to the next best media, the Television. Just in the past two-three months, we have had premier of Kites, Raavan and Rann on TV!! It’s hardly even 3 or 4 moths, and they’re already on TV. Wonder how their DVD sales go then! The producers take this step so that they don’t lose too much. They sell the premier rights to leading Indian Channels like Star Plus, Sony and Colours for a fortune and recover their money. As far as DVD sales are concerned… no one is going to buy the DVD’s of such films anyway! So they might as well make their money with the TV rights!

But I’m happy that the Indian audience are watching movies ONLY for the script… because that’s were the art lies. Everything else is secondary. The best examples for this is the much appreciated Tere Bin Laden, Udaan, and hopefully Peepli Live, which has released today! Review coming soon.

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