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With not even two months done, I am enjoying blogging and more so in this week when yesterday, I won my first prize in blogging which is the third place in IndiBlogger’s My Demand Contest. This is the winning post… Pee for Petrol which was a sensation when it was conceived in college and even now, when it has created such a craze on YouTube, my blog and even on facebook. There are a lot of people to thank and I’m dedicating this post as a small sign of gratitude to all of them.

  • First of all, thanks to Pramod Kamath, who is the true inventor of this crazy-but-great idea. It was only after this thought was born in his innovative mind, that we both built-up on this and finally gave form to this marvellounoobs conception.
  • I thank all  my friends and fellow bloggers on IndiBlogger who read my post and voted for it. I irritated many along the way and some tagged me as spammer as well… but I’m damn sure that whoever read the post surely loved it :-) I’m still very new here and its better I make mistakes now, than later. Learnt a lot from this experience.
  • Special thanks to two people: Karthik Kastury and Vinayak Nagri whose blogging efforts were the reason I started blogging in the first place and still continue to do so. These are very inspiring people and you have to know more about them. I have included them in my special Inspirers series of posts, which they truly deserve.
  • I thank all my friends on Facebook and Twitter, most of whom, even without having a blog or without knowing anything about blogging, tried so much to help me and shared my post, building the publicity. Trust me, that helped the most! Thanks for all the shares, re-tweets and mentions!
  • Thanks to all my blog readers, visitors, and those who left back lovely comments, helpful suggestions and criticisms which helped me better my posts, my writing, my content style and my blog overall.
  • Thanks to IndiBlogger, Renie Ravin and HP Printers for opening this lovely opportunity for me and for all bloggers to showcase their creativity and win these amazing prizes. Can’t wait for my printer :-)

With just more than one month gone, I still have a LOT to learn for good blogging. Mistakes made have taught me more and I continue to learn, become a better writer and reach out to as many as possible. Thanks again and please continue to show your support. Will do the best I can.
[Prize badge placed in the Showcase]

“The truth takes its own sweet time to reveal itself… blogging makes that faster” – Mario D’Cunha
#Marioism… Coming soon… :-)

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