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I was just doing my normal internet surfing when suddenly this tab opened involuntarily! The link of this page is this , but please don’t bother clicking it. It opens to the following window. I have circled in red key things which show that this is not from Firefox.


  1. The link itself doesn’t seem anything like that from Firefox. If you check the icons on the tabs, there is no Firefox tab with the Firefox symbol! It has always been the Mozilla symbol (as shown in the last tab in line)
  2. As far as I know, there was a 3.6.6 release, and then there was 3.6.8 release publicly. My browser is already 3.6.8… so why is it showing me an update to 3.6.7???
  3. What the hell is that red symbol doing there??!!! First when I saw this window, it was without the red symbol. But after I refreshed it again and again to check whether it was actually a spam link, the red symbol suddenly appeared. That red symbol is a warning from my antivirus software (Kaspersky).
  4. If you click on ANY link on this page, or even when this tab opens, it prompts you to download an EXE file called ff-update.exe. None of the Firefox releases EVER has this kind of name. Every time it prompts me for download (caught by my Internet Download Manager), my antivirus (Kaspersky 2011) quickly blocks and prevents its download. Kaspersky has termed it as a malicious URL and has denies the download each time.
  5. It also tells me that I need to install the latest Adobe Flash Player… I already have the latest installed ages ago!!!


Please please avoid this page and don’t bother about it. I’m not sure what harm this may cause to your system. It doesn’t look authentic at all!!! Please take caution and tell your friends about it too.

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