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AR[3]Art is one thing that I can’t stay away from. Whether its playing the piano, singing or dance. I also draw whenever I get the time for it… especially animated and 2D imagery. I love animation too… again only in 2D. I find 3D too complicated and not necessary when so many classics have been made only in 2D. I don’t draw, animate or doAshank photography a lot… but if I am doing any of it right now, its only because of Ashank Alva and Rushil Shah… fortunately they’re my good friends too!

Most of us have our own interests… in photography, move making, image editing, etc. But there are some who crib about things and give silly excuses saying “I don’t have a camera, I don’t a have a laptop… else I’d become a superb designer!” That’s so stupid and lazy! If you really love it, you’ll do it anyhow. Ashank and Rushil prove just that! Ashank did not have a laptop until just a few months back. Yet, he has drawn by hand some brilliantRushil Shah designs and abstract images which have gone onto room walls, t-shirts, logos and other surfaces… unedited! Draw, Scan and its up for display! He’s yet to organize his entire collection, which may be put up on Facebook soon. Rushil has taken dozens of marvellous pictures, i.e. his ‘Works’… throughout his college days only by borrowing camera’s or by using the one on his cell phone! He has also directed and edited to mini-films with Rochershake Productions… again AR Design[6]without any added professional training or supervision! Click to find out more about these movies: The Law and Citius, Fortius and Chronos.

During my four years of college, Ashank and Rushil have designed practically every brochure, every poster and every t-shirt which was required for the college fest merchandise etc. I wonder what would our college have seen if it weren’t for these two! Like me, Ashank and Rushil are engineers in Computer Science; Rushil is planning for higher studies or taking his art to a professional level while Ashank will be joining Accenture soon.

It’s amazing how “common” people inspire you as they go on to become “uncommon” people. I’m sure you can find in your friends circle too, some of those gems who intentionally or unintentionally force your eyes wide open. These are two guys, two friends… good in art, damn good in heart! You can find Ashank and Rushil on Facebook.

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