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steven_tylerIn my previous post of  Reality of Reality Show Judges I had mentioned about the not-so-big-deal exit of Ellen DeGeneres. Well after Simon and Paula’s exit, there was such a mix up to get a stabilized judging panel… and I think Idol is settling down to a strong three-judge panel… probably better than ever!

Steven Tyler is the new judge on American Idol!!! I was stunned when I heard this news that a superstar like Steven would now be on the panel of one of my favourite shows! The lead singer Aerosmith would now be judging potential country, rock, and other young singers of various genres. It’s going to be an awesome panel I guess, but you never know… I think this is weirdest combination of judges… and I have a feeling its going to work out well. For the first time in all the reality shows I’ve watched sojlo far, Tyler is the first ‘Legend’ to be on the judge’s seat! Resurrecting from drug abuse and so many mess ups in his life, this superstar is adding another entry to his already super-esteemed music resume.

Are Randy and Kara going to stay put on the panel?? I don’t think so!! Reports say that Kara has been shown the door after just two seasons on nigel-lythgoe[4]the show (she bores me!). Since Ellen and Simon called it quits too one more person was need to complete the trio. Randy, Steven, and as you might have already heard the… Jennifer Lopez???!! Wow… that would be cool… the judge panel turning into a superstar brigade!

To bring to your mind, remember Nygel Lythgoe from So You Think You Can Dance?? He’s the co-founder of American Idol and has already been tagged as Nasty Nygel for his inhuman taunts in shows US and UK. It would be awesome for him to take Simon’s place, coz I think he’s just that good… or worse! That being said, I don’t think he would exactly do that, coz there’s no way he’s leaving So You Think You Can Dance. Don’t think the audience would want to see him everywhere!

Anyways, for now its Randy and Steven. Finding JLo on the panel is on shaky grounds for quite a few reasons, including her ‘major’ demands. Tyler was content with his place, provided he gets to wear all the bling, the jackets and the scarf! :-)

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