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When you were in a hurry to go somewhere, you stop an auto and tell him the place… and without looking at you, the driver gives a “Nahin”, “Illa” or a “No” and just drives off!!! Did the same occur with a taxi??!
Just yesterday, I had stopped a rickshaw to drop me to my arts institute where I go every week. He told me that I have to pay 5 extra! I asked him what for. He didn’t give me a proper answer and told me that he won’t drop me exactly to the institute but about half a Km away. I said ok. When we reached there, I asked him again to drop me to the institute itself… he told me that the road isn’t proper. If you ask me, that road is perfectly alright and I always travel there every week!
But then the actual reason why he didn’t drop me there was that if he did, then there aren’t many people around that area who would hire the rick from there back! So he has to travel about half a Km without a passenger! Gawd!!!


August 12th has been decided as the day where we will show the finger to these worthless public servants. Corruption is everywhere, but it takes it roots from things like this! I know many may say that there are the good ones as well… but hey… when they call strikes… they mean it! The ‘good’ ones have no option during their strike and they follow it too. Even so here, we gotta say no to the ‘good’ ones too!! These are four good things which will come off this strike on August 12th:

  1. The stingy and cunning drivers will be taught a lesson and they’ll learn that we can say NO to them too!
  2. We will use buses and trains more which are cheaper and better.
  3. Finding these darn auto and taxi drivers stagnant at their vehicles will reduce pollution too!
  4. We will learn a good lesson for ourselves to fight corruption and taking some pain on our side if we want to make India better!

This is just one step to make a mark! More of these may be needed in future, in traffic, society and many other places. We must not hesitate to go forward with these measures, and not hesitate to support those who take the initiative! Remember, when they go for a strike, THAT is illegal. When we say NO to them, it is just our choice and its completely legal because it is we who run the city and the nation… not the auto-drivers or taxi-walas!!! Its our choice to say NO… and let’s keep it at “NO” on August 12th at least. I’m taking the bus this week… what bout you?

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