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I wanted to post this on our 64th Independence Day but I somehow missed the thought! Last year for Children’s Day, Google India had a competition open to all children to submit special Google Doodles and the winning doodle will be displayed on on November 14th, 2009 i.e. Children’s Day. These are my favourite 5, with the first one which was the winning entry:

Doodle (1)

Doodle (2)

Doodle (3)

Doodle (4)

Doodle (5)

Surprisingly, there as no entry with Jawaharlal Nehru in any of the Doodles! It was only Mahatma Gandhi everywhere. Hmmm… Nehru must be tough to draw for the kids… hehe… I wonder what Doodles will we get this year in November. Which one’s your favourite among these?

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