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I thought a lot about my best 20 screen characters ever, and I still can’t figure out their proper ranking. So I’ve arranged them alphabetically for now…. just sharing it with you:

My Favourite Screen Characters.jpg

1. Aditya Kashyap: Played by Shahid Kapoor from Jab we met… lovely movie.

2. Captain Jack Sparrow: Complex… a really complex… hmmm… person!

3. Chandler Bing: Can I “BE” more specific???!!

4. Gandalf: Played by Ian McKellen, The Lord of the Rings

5. Geeth: Played the ravishing and cute Kareena Kapoor, again Jab we met…

6. Inspector Jack Closeau: Played by the unimitable Steve Martin in Pink Panther

7. Karan Shergill: Played by my favourite actor Hrithik Roshan in Lakshya

8. King Julien: Admire the handsomeness and the royalness of me!!

9. Langda Tyaagi: The best villian ever on Indian celluloid. Played by Saif Ali Khan in Omkara, the Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello

10. Lyra: The unbelievable bravery shown by Dakota Fanning in The Golden Compass

11. Magneto: I don’t think he’s exactly a villian…! Played by Ian McKellen in the XMEN series. My favourite movie series!

12. Miranda Priestly: Beautiful, elegant and… what a b&*ch!! Played by the legendary Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada

13. Peter Parker: A simple college boy and the amazing Spiderman!

14. Phoebe Buffay: My Favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character

15. Rocky Balboa: Classic! Played by Sylvestor Stallone in the Rocky Series

16. Rory Hennessey: Not many know him; He’s the youngest son in 8 Simple Rules.

17. Samwise Gamgee: Symbol of timeless loyalty! Played by Peter Howe in The Lord of the Rings

18. Severus Snape: One of the main reasons why I like watching Harry Potter!

19. The Joker: Hands down! The Best villian ever! You rock Heath!

20. Tony Stark: Kind of Action and Comedy put together… beating Spiderman. King of Comedy alone would be Chandler.

Will be sharing more details related to movies etc in my later post

Pick your Top 5 Favourite Screen Characters among these: