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India(1)You might have gone for a holiday in Paris, sailed over the Atlantic, threw cash away in Las Vegas, tasted pure Chinese in Beijing and then finally… you reached HOME. Now don’t you feel a sense of freedom? A sense of relaxation when you finally open that main door and get that scent of home… After spending so much time away from home, there might have been a leakage, the maids might have ignored cleaning some furniture, some things might have got corroded or some other stolen… won’t you take ANY steps to put things right? It’s you home isn’t it? I’m sure you’d put all things straight within a weeks time!

India(2)Why don’t we treat our country the same way? You think you do… really??!!! When we say freedom we don’t mean peeing anywhere on the road, spitting out paan (even “well-educated” people) or throwing your chewing gum or chocolate wrappers! You can do all that if this was YOUR country… but its not… its OUR country. This home is shared by 1 Billion people and you need to behave and set things straight as soon as possible!

Yes. We have many to blame. The Government is corrupt, the opposition is corrupt, bla bla. Do you know who is the mayor of your city and what his/her plans are? Do you know who is the Member of Parliament that’s responsible for your area that you live in? Do you complain to ANYONE in authority about the broken road outside your house or do you just complain about it to each other??!! Do you know how to use the Right To Information Act? Do you PUT your garbage bag inside the common bin or do you THROW it from your car, scattering it all around?

India(4)Why is that when Indian Cricket Team wins the series we go gaga over them, give them gifts and prizes, advertisements, etc. But when they just lose a match against an easier team, we burn Sachin and Dhoni’s portraits, pictures, boo them and jokes all about them everywhere??!!! Before we blame the sportspersons, sports boards, Politicians, Police Force, CBI, Govt. Offices, first let’s blame ourselves for letting them rule over us. IF we don’t feel free today in our own home, its because we have adjusted ourselves to the leakages and using rusted furniture! Remember, the Government rules the country and WE RULE THE GOVERNMENT.

Yes. Some people create changes and for the good! We witnessed an angry India after 26/11 especially the Mumbaikars. They were angry, had some processions, lit some candles, debates in Parliament. Do you think things have become better? I do! You judge for yourself. Do you remember the Jessica Lal case? Recently, did you see how the Mumbaikars went on strike avoiding the auto-rickshaws and taxis and showing them who’s boss?!! Now that’sIndia(5) being responsible for your home! It may be tough, if you can’t do it, don’t talk! Adjust and shut up! If you cannot vote (with whatever complaints you have) then you don’t have the right to comment on anything against that government!

From an SMS received today, “India is a nation where Pizza reaches faster than Ambulance or Police, where you get car loan at 5% but education loan at 12%, where rice is `40/Kg but sim card is free, where people want to worship Goddess Durga but want to kill their girl child, where Olympic shooter wins gold, Govt. gives 3 Crore and another shooter dies fighting militants and Govt. gives 1 lakh!” This is the Incredible India???!!!

Wake up! I’m asking you again… wake up! No because I want you to keep up YOUR home, but I want MY home clean as well! There are few voices saying “Wake up, wake up” from the past 63 years… so let’s either wake up and do something or let’s scream “Wake up” for another 63 years!

Hope you had a Happy Independence Day!

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