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melissa_adeThis post isn’t exactly about dance, but the emotion that the following dance piece had inflicted on all of us is unforgettable. I was not only impressed by the art and skill with which Tyce Diorio had choreographed that amazing and sacred “Breast Cancer routine”, but also the overflowing emotion that the piece spewed out. Melissa and Ade danced to this beautiful piece in So You Think You Can Dance, Season 5. I know this routine is a year old now, but since I had just started my dance blog less than a month ago, I had to make a mention of this.

I have added this video in our YouTube Channel’s Special Playlist and you can view it by clicking the image above. The other reason that I wrote this post is simply to show more awareness towards this growing threat of cancer. I lost my uncle and my grandfather to lung cancer. My grandmother, my aunt, two of my friend’s relatives are suffering from cancer of one or the other type. I cannot understand what precautions do we need to take. Well, the obvious may be to stop excessive smoking, etc. But what else can we do to prevent cancer other than lung cancer? What did they have to do to avoid it? we just can’t figure it out! All I can say is we must keep up hope and keep praying. Whenever we find someone in cancer we must be strong and share our strength with them.