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ArnabYou might have seen and heard newspapers and TV news channels reporting about corruption, hate, deceit, sting operations, “exposes”, etc. You know that anyone can make mistakes… however good one is, he has made a mistake somewhere or the other, whether he’s a doctor, lay person or even a priest. So that means mistakes are made through media channels too. Fine… no issues! Even if our “ministers” make a few mistakes, no issues.. c’mon their humans too! But the problem arises when they cross the line… too much!

Many of you will agree when I say that Hindi new channels in India cross the line all the time. They’re not even news channels, their entertainment channels! Keeping Karishma Kapoor’s alleged divorce as the main headline for a week… what do you classify that channel as!! Even Zoom won’t do such a thing! Star News, Aaj Tak are just synonyms for BULLSHIT! Have you ever thought the same of the English news channels?

I just returned this evening after watching Peepli Live and for me, that movie was ALL about Irresponsible Media. This is not a small problem where we raise our eyebrows, tease the channels and go back to work! Media is our vision to see our country. If the police is corrupt, we have the Government. If the Government is corrupt we have the Judiciary. If the Judiciary is corrupt we have Media. And if the media is corrupt…???

I’m not making any bias to language or saying that news channels are completely corrupt. But they’re definitely irresponsible as far as channels like Times Now and Headlines Today are concerned. As a viewer and as an Indian citizen I respect NDTV 24×7. Dr. Prannoy Roy and Ms. Barkha Dutt are my favourite and I’m sure yours as well. NDTV hasn’t paid me to write this article and neither I have any personal grievances to anyone in Times Now. But I want to bring your attention to some stupid journalists who think that by shouting out loud, and debating like hooligans on live TV, great things are being done towards citizens!!

Arnab Goswami… the blabber mouth of India disgusts me to the core! If you don’t remember, he used to work for NDTV 24×7 earlier. Not sure whether he quit the sensible world or was thrown out! Dr. Rajdeep Sardesai from CNN IBN also worked for NDTV 24×7 before, but he is very respectable wherever her is now. I can go on about all the BULLSHIT Arnab spews out daily at 9pm on Times Now but here are FEW examples:

  • When Pramod Muthalik’s face was blackened, he was called live and was practically interrogated by Arnab! I hateTimesNow Muthalik and all his chamchaas, but still that’s not the way responsible media behaves. You can’t just call him on TV and say “How do you feel when someone has blackened your face? You are getting what you deserve!” Why do you think Dr. Prannoy Roy doesn’t say that!!!
  • Do you remember the fiasco during Sania  Mirza’s and Shoaib Malik’s wedding time? There was a girl who claimed that she is already married to Shoaib. As far as I remember there was only one report on NDTV 24×7 about this case, whereas Shoaib’s uncle was called on live, and again was questioned as if it was clear that he was guilty… all week long! What happened to that girl now? Aren’t Sania and Shoaib happily married? Don’t you think the girl and her family were playing this…? And unfortunately they had the support of a stupid channel like Times Now.
  • How can we forget the Mumbai Terror attacks on 26/11? The Army had issued a notice to all media channels NOT to report live since the terrorists may watch the news and know the army’s next move. All channels gave a 20 min delay to the telecast… except Times Now. I’m sot sure whether they were sued by the Government. They should have been!
  • Recently, the Suresh Kalmadi Expose on the corruption in Commonwealth Games came into light because of Times Now. I will give them the credit for that. But, the female reporter (don’t get her name) was asking so many questions to one of the officials from the organizing committee, that forced him to say “Ma’am… please don’t raise your voice. I’m not talking like you. Let’s talk properly” LOL.

Showing people what they SHOULD see is Responsible Media like NDTV 24×7, a campaign to go green, save tigers, documentaries which expose harsh realities in the deep villages of India, etc. Showing people ONLY what they WOULD WANT TO see is Irresponsible Media, like Times Now. The TRPs for Times Now ‘may be’ higher, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good news channel.

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