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KasturyI wanted to write this post long back but I’m glad I kept this for the month-end closure posts. To start with, Karthik Kastury is the reason why I’m writing this post, why I’m blogging and most of all and why I have become such an Internet addict over the past three years! Without his influence, I think I would be an Internet-illiterate by hanging only to Facebook! He’s not only an inspiration when it comes to cyber technology, but also to life’s outlook as a whole.

I came to know Karthik in my first year of engineering but I came to know the Cyber-Crazy-Karthik only in the second year. He currently owns two smash blogs which have a name for themselves on the Internet: his tech blog, DailyApps and his personal blog Most of you bloggers might have already heard his name, but for those who haven’t here’s Karthik.

He began DailyApps on July 26th, 2007 and there was no stopping since. DailyApps silenced all his former critics and ‘dA’ went onto to establish Karthik’s stronghold in the Blogging community. DailyApps has managed to get the attention of leading blogs such as Technorati, Lifehacker, DownloadSquad, Problogger, LaughingSquid and many more. It’s one of the most read tech blogs in India, with over 2000 RSS Subscribers. DailyApps is a blog where posts are read half a million times a month at its peak! It’s a part of the India Technology Blogs Network. To know more on dA click here. Off late, he’s been silent on dA but only to get busy with other endeavours like his new personal blog is just about 45 days old now with 4000 visits so far. To date, it has got about 7000 page views and about 60 RSS subscribers, creating a buzz in the Blogging world. Some of his personal posts have run into debates and discussions, only reconfirming his influential presence on the net.

MobSpotKarthik is a decade old on the Internet and his passion for technology pushes his boundaries further. For his final year project, along with his project team, Karthik created MobSpot. This is a location-aware social networking site, the technology that is now seen in Facebook Places. Unfortunately, he did not get much of a heads-up from his faculty that was needed. Still, MobSpot may be a ‘thing’ of the future.

His creations don’t stop there. For the PayPal Developer Challenge, Karthik is on his way to release the beta version of SocialPay tomorrow! Stay tuned for its release here! SocialPay is a service that let’s you send money to your friends with just a tweet or an update of your facebook status! Money is transferred from your PayPal account to your friends. Wow! Talk about speed and ease!

Kastury2Karthik has not only been an influence to me, but also to many others in my college and around. In our college of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karthik was the first person to lead the brigade to host inter-collegiate technical and cultural fests. Following his initiative, his branch, other branches and the college as a whole woke up to the new flavour infused in college life. Until then, I regret to admit that other than academics, there was hardly anything to immerse in our college. He hosted the first Dumb Charades competition in our college, the format of which became tremendously popular in the entire Mangalorean belt and was copied in other colleges as well.

As a noted batch-mate, Karthik had several other medals up his sleeve. He was the Vice President of our college’s Information Science Department, a key member of ‘Pride of NMAMIT’ and a renowned Microsoft Student Partner. Currently, he is employed by Tata Consultancy Services as a Software Engineer. For a 21 year old, Karthik is quite a person. You can find him on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Inspiration is a strong force” – Mario D’Cunha :-) and Karthik occupies one very HEAVY place there… quite ironical to his weight! LOL.

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