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When I checked twitter this morning, there was all news about Facebook Live! Yes… Facebook has come out with its own live video streaming channel where users can view videos LIVE… not only that they can also have their own channels and live-stream them to their friends or others.


Whenever you had a website launch, product launch, new trailer to be shown, etc, you first things for publicity is either publishing the info on your Facebook wall or fan page, twitter and videos on YouTube. Well… now here’s one more measure you need to do! Finally I believe, the proper competition for YouTube has arrived. It’s not exactly fair to call it competition… but yes… Facebook is expanding… and expanding fast!

This channel is more of what Facebook wants to tell to its users and how they can use Facebook better… in simple words, Facebook is becoming a closer ‘friend’ to all. After fan pages, I think Facebook Live is the next best thing that has happened to Facebook benefiting its users as well. Users can now debate, chat, ask questions, stream their own events, and share so much more as convenient to them.


Airline ticket booking has gone onto Facebook Live. US airline Delta has become the first to allow the booking of tickets directly through its Facebook page. Click here to know more. Not only that, the US Government has its own Whitehouse Live Channel already. So what are you waiting for… check it out soon!

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