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I was just checking the IMDB Top 250 List today and found that Christopher Nolan’s recent Masterpieces that have made their mark in the top list have slipped down this week from the Top 10. Not sure whether the slip was before that, but then a slip is a slip.


So, the summer blockbuster, Inception slips from 3rd spot to be currently in 4th Spot. According to IMDB, it is down 40% Popularity this week. Also Nolan’s former hit, The Dark Knight which was also a tremendous box-office success, has lost its spot in the Top 10, just slipping by a whisker to 11th spot.
I don’t think The Dark Knight should slip down there because Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back is rated the same with about half the votes! So basically The Dark Knight is only holding its ground and the IM“DB” needs to be updated!
The Godfather and its Part II hold the second and third place now while The Shawshank Redemption still stands tall as the IMDB Best Movie ever by far… according to user rating. Wonder which will be the next movie that will break into the Top 10.

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