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Miranda Priestly This is the coolest B**ch I’ve ever seen! No one beats her! Miranda Priestly is the best, egoistic, proud, flaunting, stylish and over-the-top lady I’ve ever come across. With her remarkable role in The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda is one character who will remain for a long time and she’s made it to my Top 25 All-Time Favourites!The Devil Wears Prada is not the usual chick-flick, or another Ugly Betty or Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. It’s much more, different, awesome, crisp and simply entertaining. Nominated for several Academy awards, this movie will not be forgotten at least by me.

If you have watched the movie, you are sure to love it. Also you will know what a B**ch Miranda is!!! But, there are so many good things to take from her as well.

  • Always respect time! Teach your subordinates the same, whatever may be the circumstance.
  • Never ever say never… ever!
  • Talk less… do more! If you can’t get that, get out!
  • Always believe that you’re the best!

Miranda is one character, I think, who has taken a better shape and virtue because of the actor who played it. Thanks to the legendary Meryl Streep. Meryl just fits so perfectly into someone like Miranda; you just can’t imagine anyone in Miranda’s Prada shoes! To know why Meryl is a legend you have GOT TO watch any of her movies, but for now take a look at her awards list! She’s been nominated to the Oscars 16 times, but won only twice! I will watch The Devil wears Prada a million times for Miranda, with no disregard to Anna Hathaway.

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