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She is the new villain in town and also the latest entry to my Top 25 All-Time Favourite Screen Characters! Played by Emmy Nominated Jane Lynch (for the Supporting Role) Sue Sylvester is the big b*$&ch in the latest popular multiple Emmy nominated musical series… Glee. It’s will be a total insult to Sue if I compare her with the Indian “vamps” in our daily soaps… she’s clearly the boss of ‘em all!

Sue Sylvester

Glee has become into a hit series and will soon step into its second season in September 2010. Sue has been trying all along to shut down the Glee Club and has got very dirty and filthy with it, all along… and I like that!!! Sue’s got Karan Shergill[6] so many striking qualities to her well crafted character. Her slow and silent taunts into the ear… flicking people while she walks down the hall way, slap-on-the-face-insults and above all… her dirty mind! Not to forget… the half grin! :-;

Glee has become successful not only because of the twisting story, amazing music and actors but also for its individual characters…. whether its Mr. Shue, Rachel, Finn… or my favourite… Ms. Sue!  In my Top 25 Screen Characters, she is the latest entry so far replacing Karan Shergill, played by Hrithik Roshan in Lakshya. And I guess it will take a well refined and fabulous character to replace Sue. Can’t wait to see how she rips Mr. Shue and Glee Club apart in Season 2. Go Sue!

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