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Saffron TerrorThe term “Hindu Terror” has been around for quite sometime now on news channels, media reports, newspapers etc. I’m writing this post following yesterday when the Indian Home Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram publicly used the term “Saffron Terror”. It was sort of making the term “official” coming from a professional like him on a public platform. Being in a Hindu-dominated country this has already raised many eyebrows… or has it? Well here are some of my reflections on this issue:

  • Why did the Home Minister use this term: Isn’t he scared that this may cause disturbance among the Hindu citizens of the country and the UPA may lose the Hindu vote? Now the BJP says that the UPA is politicizing this issue only for targeting the BJP and the RSS and thus unnecessarily insulting the holy “saffron” colour. Let’s assume that UPA is actually politicizing this! Do you think the HM, as eminent and experienced as he is, will be so dumb to do such a thing? Isn’t the Hindu voter more valuable to the UPA than pointing fingers at BJP and the RSS?
  • chidambaramHow good or bad is the HM’s bold move: I admire and appreciate the boldness of the Home Minister for coming out in public and finally terming this ‘menace’ as it ‘can’ be called. All the public has anyways seen this issue with the tern “Hindu Terror” for quite sometime now, and NO-ONE had an objection to that! But when someone from the Government says it, should that be a big problem?
  • National Awareness: I also admire the UPA government for the courage of going ahead and bringing this issue out in the public because it is a menace! This actually requires attention! The UPA government in its past 5 years had risked its chair twice centering around the Nuclear Deal and even recently during the potential Adjournment Motion in Parliament. I give it to the HM for stating the truth than just bothering about how the Hindu voter would respond.
  • Are Hindus actually offended: I don’t think so! Even since the term “Hindu Terror” had been used, there were no media reports anywhere about the people’s hatred against the term and not even so for yesterday’s HM remarks. However, from interacting with my Hindu neighbours and friends, the average Hindu is sad that these certain elements are bringing a bad name to the beauty of Hinduism that glorifies a remarkable tradition since ages! I’m so proud of all my Hindu brothers that they don’t give a shit to these “in-house” terrorists and strongly consider them irreligious. Same goes to all the Muslims all over the world for completely disregarding filthy groups like the LeT, JuD, Taliban etc. as elements that can never be part of Islam, even though those groups have used the term “Jehad” by themselves.
  • So then what is the problem: The Government is ok to use the term. The people are ok to use the term. Then who has the problem then? As of now, it’s the BJP. They are accusing the UPA for politicizing this issue and bringing a bad name to the Hindus of this country. But I’ve given an insight on this in my first point above. Is thePramod_Muthalik BJP guilty that they are forced to making these comments? I think so… very much! Take the members of the RSS for example, or Bajrang Dal or Pramod Muthalik and his goons, working under the title of “Sri Ram” Sena. If the BJP is REALLY concerned of Hindu emotions, then they should go against people like these and the misuse of Lord Ram’s name in such petty groups! The BJP being in the Hindutva soup that they always are engrossed in, I think it’s the BJP that needs to worry about the Hindu voter, and that’s why THEY are politicizing this issue against the UPA than facing the reality of the situation.
  • BJP the real terror: In a BJP dominated state like Karnataka, my city of Mangalore, for the first time in its history saw communal violence consecutively for the past three years. All these times it was either the “saffron people” against the Christians or the “saffron people” against the Muslims causing violence in the name of Lord Ram and Indian Culture! What was and what IS the BJP doing then and NOW???

Experts say that post Independence Indian Governments have ignored or have “taken it lightly” when it came to these rising terror groups for which we’re paying the price today! We have to compliment the Home Minister that he has taken this bold step to have taken a start to put an end to the emerging “Saffron Terror”. I appeal to all Indians of any religion to look at terror as “Terror” whether its Saffron, White or Green.

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