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greedy-dogDo you remember the story of The Greedy Dog? He was very hungry and he found a bone. But when he reached the river to have some water he saw his reflection in the water with the bone in his mouth, and mistook his reflection for another dog with a bone, and tried to grab it. Consequently, he lost the bone he had! Will the same thing happen to our MP’s warming the benches in Parliament??

Today we saw the Cabinet, which gave a ‘NO’ just few days back, has now taken a U-turn and has approved the salary hike of MPs from `16,000 to `50,000. Mind you… this is ONLY the basic salary. They also have Constituent funds, that they are SUPPOSED TO spend towards their constituency, daily allowances and also perks, travel, telephone and electricity bills, free medicines etc. Does that disgust you…? hold on… the MP’s aren’t satisfied with THAT! They want a hike to about `80,000!!! Kiss my a**!!

First of all, there was a debate on how the MP’s can hike the salary for themselves!!! Tomorrow they may pass a bill that builds a two-floored mansion for each MP! If you are working in any company, won’t it be nice if your bossIndian-Parliament comes and tell you “It’s time for your salary hike. How much should I increase it to?!!!” The MP’s are not in the corporate world and definitely don’t behave anywhere even close to that!!! My conclusion is that the current Government, whether they hike it to `50,000 or `1 lac, has NO RIGHT to hike it for themselves. Former US President, Bill Clinton had hiked the US President’s salary, but it was enjoyed by the nut-head George Bush! The same thing MUST apply here and all over the world!

I am fine with the MP’s passing the bill for themselves, but not if it applies immediately to them. “The MPs can make rules for MP’s… not for themselves!” Heck! Fine! If they want a hike, they need to be accountable too! Here are some points which I think need to passed inside the bill as well:

  • We cannot hike the salary, just because they are an “MP”! Money needs to be accounted for EVERYTHING in the world.
  • MP attendance for each and every Parliament session MUST be noted down. You can’t have a Mamata Banerjee, who NEVER attends Parliament sessions, and one day she turns up out of the blues (yesterday), with a big speech ready and boldly says, “I have completed all my work. Look here it is!!” What if all the ministers and MP’s do the same!!!
  • If MP causes any disturbance in the house like throwing of shoes, papers, shouting, interrupting, or most importantly being the cause for an adjournment, his salary for that entire month MUST STAND CANCELLED!
  • One most important rule which I want get passed in the house (if I was as an MP) is that, “No one… NO ONE, speaks when the Speaker speaks!” After all she’s The Speaker! If just anyone can speak or overrun when the Speaker is saying something, why the hell is the Honourable Speaker there??!!! In all the sessions I’ve seen throughout my life, the Speaker ONLY sits there to say just one thing… “Please Keep quiet! Let him speak!”

I also want to bring to your memory, how much of a furore and fuss the Opposition has made over price rise saying that the Government doesn’t care for the common man. Then why are they so greedy for a 500% salary hike all at once????!!!!

LoksabhaI hope the MPs can agree to these points and I also hope that these points are taken into consideration with the hike bill. If they can agree to this, then I don’t mind the hike even to `80,000, because tomorrow if I want to become an MP, I don’t want someone to tell me that my salary is less than a fresher-engineer’s salary!

What do you think of this…? Please tell me your views? Do you agree with the points I’ve mentioned? The MP’s may bark as much as they can, but I hope and I believe that the Cabinet won’t agree to hike it more than 300%!

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