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There was always a thing with the loyal Facebook users that Facebook rocks and Twitter Sucks. The fact is that Facebook and Twitter are totally different things and you cannot compare them. Facebook is for social networking with multimedia etc., while twitter was for micro-blogging and status updates only (even though dependent multimedia is allowed).
But with the New Twitter can we call them the same again? I think yes. Twitter has just released the preview of the New Twitter which has a complete social networking framework now. First, check out the official video for the New Twitter Preview (This promo alone is pretty cool… would love to direct something like this myself)

The ‘new’ things that will make you stick to twitter (if you aren’t using it yet):

  • I love the top vertical bar that we used to find in desktop applications till now. With the new twitter I think its time to bid farewell to all our desktop-twitter-clients.
  • The main tweet stream is smooth, faster and very flexible. Not only that, the right hand column is not locked anymore and with just spanning your tweet stream with the cursor, you can watch/view your twitpics, videos and other media files too!
  • Now, it’s easy to see embedded photos and videos directly on Twitter, thanks to partnerships with Dailybooth, DeviantArt, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, USTREAM, Vimeo, Yfrog, and YouTube. THAT’s one point which will make the New Twitter like a ‘Fast-Facebook’.
  • I don’t think I will be needing Firefox addons like Power Twitter any more. New Twitter will be a big blow to most twitter addons that are presently breathing easily. Echofon, and Yoono are sure to lose worth.
  • You can easily follow the related tweets, or the history of the conversation-tweets just by clicking on a tweet and viewing its info in the right column. The flexibility and smoothness added to the left and right columns together makes it more better.

If you aren’t on twitter yet, then please get on board! If you have thoughts in your mind that Twitter isn’t like Facebook, well then your rite. It isn’t! Once new twitter rolls out, Twitter will probably be better than facebook, as far as ‘staying in touch’ is concerned. I’m not saying that Facebook is sad, it rocks and will be so forever! But do join twitter… it’s a whole new social networking experience and c’mon… Facebook and Twitter are the stone-age-basic recognitions that you need to have on the web today.

The New Twitter rolls out in a few weeks :-) I can’t wait. Please join Twitter at least when the new version rolls out. Click here for updates.