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Did you hear about the Ozupad before? It’s a Japanese creation that promises to replace the good o’l Mouse… at least in certain areas. Its a new method between human and the computer, and it claims to be the best for Multi Media Instrument and mobile computers. Its called “OZUPAD” for the reason that it’s the Japanese “The Wizard of Oz”. Ozupad is a computer input device with the function of the joystick with the mouse. It wraps in the palm, and it operates by the thumb and the index finger. Because the flat surface such as desk is not needed, it is possible to use in a free air space.

Ozupad3Way[4]Now, I had received the Ozupad 3-Way device for the first place in one of the competitions held at IIT TechFest Bombay, January 2010. This was a 3-Way device… an input device that can be used as an optical mouse, a joystick and as a pointing device… that too without the surface! But within a day… I got fed up with it and hated the sight of it! Here’s why:

  1. I’m very used to the mouse being on a surface, and I’m very fast with it than holding it in my palm, off the surface and going slow! Plus, my hand starts paining after a while!!! Who is going to hold it for so long! Even if you keep the Ozupad on the surface, clicking it with any of your fingers is irritating!
  2. It can be used as a joystick. Hmmm now this is one good thing, but again… it will be pretty slow to handle while your playing your game.
  3. The most dumbest use of it above all… pointing device! Now don’t forget, this is just like any other USB mouse, with a chord attached. So if I’m using it as a pointing device for a presentation, then I can go as far as the wire reaches!! And the wire is not that long either!! So its as good as sitting close to my laptop and lifting my mouse off the surface and pointing at the presentation slides!!! How Dumb!!

OzupadAirBut as a sensible solution to this, the company has come out with Ozupad Air! Finally!!! Now this is a proper use of an Ozupad. This is why it’s the “AIR” version is a good gadget:

  • 2.4GHz Wireless with a reach of 30 feet!
  • You can use it on the surface (again irritating because its not meant for the surface) and you can use it in… AIR! Yep… an AIR mouse! A mouse with no surface required. Same like the 3-Way version, but no wires!! So stand wherever you want and control your computer!
  • You can still use it as a joystick (like the 3-Way) without worrying about the wire!
  • The Pointing Device in it has finally got proper meaning! I think it’s the perfect pointing device. You can stand anywhere and control your presentation slides along with using it as a mouse for other purposes too!! Damn good!
  • Plus the Ozupad as always, is very tiny, compact and hand-friendly.

You can check here on how to the Ozupad is used. Finally, just want to say that Ozupad Air is the sensible solution to the dumbness that was shown by the previous Ozupads! Phew! Have you used the new AIR version?

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