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During my campus placement season I saw many people who eased out during their aptitude tests however tough it was but just could not make it through the interview process. They completely changed colour when it came down to the interviews. Why is it so…? Is it their personal fear for being judged by someone across the table? Is it the fear of being rejected? Or are there any other factors?
Here, I put forth the most important points to help you Rock your Interview.

Why do I feel nervous as the Interview approaches?

  • Why shouldn’t you feel nervous? Cmon! Your job is being decided there… so its obvious you are going to feel nervous. So chill… BEING NERVOUS IS NORMAL. Please remember that!
  • Its better and very healthy if you are a little nervous. If you are not nervous at all, even one bit, then there must be something wrong with you!
  • Some people who are used to public speaking, hosting shows and events, don’t get nervous for such occasions. Its normal for them. They may not look nervous at all, but deep down they still always have that feeling of “What if something goes wrong?”
  • If such people are near you, don’t feel bad or defeated that they may get the job but not you. Don’t try to imitate them either. They are used to being that way and you may be comfortable this way. Please don’t compare yourself to anybody.
  • If you have a friend along, talk to him/her. Ask him about what probable questions they may ask. Crack a few jokes. Take each others dummy interview. Encourage each other and spend your time.

How do I come prepared for the Interview?

  • Remember, the point of the above section is to keep yourself true to yourself. Don’t fake your personality.
  • Don’t put on a fake accent, don’t try out a new hairstyle just for that day, don’t wear jing-bang clothes, ultra-special shoes and what not!!
  • Guys, wear a simple, ironed full sleeve shirt, formal trouser, with a nice belt, neatly polished shoes and a clean pair of socks. Comb your hair and keep it simple. Remove any stubble. If your beard is mature, keep a nice moustache or Frenchie. If you’re beard is not mature, then please go for a clean shave!
  • Girls, wear a nice salwar, or an office suit whatever you’re comfortable with. Be as formal as possible. Look your best, but keep it simple at the same time.
  • Hair, nails, shoes and the folder with your resume and other files should be neat… both guys and girls.
  • Have a good breakfast, lunch or snack before your interview on that day. In fact, have good food everyday!! Please get at least 7 hours of sleep the day before your interview.
  • Carry your resume, all your required certificates, ID proofs, photographs an other slips or documents that is required of you. Please don’t keep ANYTHING for the last minute. This is your career and job we’re talking about here.

Prepare a day before for typical questions:

– Tell us something about yourself
– Why do you think we should hire you?
– What value will you add to our company?
– What are your weak points?
– Which is favourite/worst subject?
– Why are you choosing this company?
– What do you know about our company?
– Tell us more about your Hobbies
– Tell us more about your Project (particular project)
Please ask your placement officer, teachers or seniors for more questions and situations if you really think you need a good practice. Otherwise just prepare for these, be confident, believe in yourself and you’ll be fine.

Interview (2)

Its Interview Time!

  • Ok. Take a deep breath. Take God’s name and enter with enough confidence.
  • When you open the door, on your way to the chair, if you find a book, pen or anything fallen down, pick it up and gently keep it on the table.
  • When you reach the chair, wish the panel or the solo interviewer good morning, afternoon or evening. Don’t say ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’
  • Shake your hand only if they approach first and sit on the chair only if they ask you to. Follow the same when you leave.
  • Remember to keep a natural eye contact. Don’t look down all the time and also don’t stare at their face!
  • As they ask you questions, take your time, think properly and answer them slowly. Don’t hurry and rush! This is not a quiz competition! They will be happy if you think and answer slowly. It also shows that you are a careful person and they won’t like you if you are ‘rushy’ and unsure.
  • If you don’t know an answer to a question, then there’s no harm in saying a polite “I’m sorry, I don’t know” or  “I’m not so sure”. Don’t be ever ready to say “NO!!” Give it a thought, think, and only if you really don’t know it, then say that you don’t know. Try to give them alternate answer for example, “I’ve heard about it, but never got the chance to use it” or something like that based on what they ask you.
  • When you know a partial answer to a question, then be wise and give them such an answer that they will ask the next question based on that. Try to turn their attention to the things you know… rather than those you don’t know!

Remember the two Golden Rules: An Interview is just a conversation. You are someone new and they just want to know you better. So just talk, have a chat, show them your good points… That’s it! And the second Golden Rule which can work wonders for you is: Keep Your Smile. Especially when you don’t know what to answer ;-)
So chill, relax… you’ll be fine. All the best for your placements and career.

Also read How to Crack your Campus Placements and How to get that Amazing Resume?