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historify(2)As a response to my previous post on Web Bookmarks Delicious is Tasty! Historious is boring! the historious team had replied to me long back and after waiting and testing, I think I’m beginning to like Historious more than Delicious! In my previous post, I said that Historious was boring, non-responsive and it is not arranged or sorted! If you check the comments on that post, Stavros from the Historious Team itself had contacted me and requested me to state any complaints. I did and they fixed the bookmarklet within days! Since then, I have been trying and testing Historious and its working fine! Here’s why I think Historious is on in process to eat up Delicious soon:

  • No Addon needed: No need for installing any addon at all and is totally irrespective of your web browser! Just drag and drop the Historious Bookmarklet onto your browser bar anywhere and your done! You better also add a FireFox Historious Search bar with just one click. Just click here and your ready!
  • Least effort: If your bookmarking your site, all you need to do is just click the Bookmarklet button! That’s it! :-) Your page gets saved in Historious and you thus create your own custom Google-Like Search world… a search world with only pages you want! All with just one click!


  • Tag or Publish: You can also add tags to your bookmarked page or even publish it. Since this creates a search world of its own, you wont be needing tags. But if you are like me and want everything arranged perfectly, then yes, tags will help you out. You can publish, delete or view the cached version of that page as well.
  • Easy Search: With your custom search world created you can search your bookmarks on either the Historious site or use the search bar like how I do. Either way everything is simpler.
  • Import and Bookmark in Bulk: You can historify sites in bulk by just adding their URLs to the site. Click here to see how. You can also import all the bookmarks from your browser by uploading the browser bookmark file.


So will Historious eat Delicious? At the moment no. Why? When you historify a site, even though its just a click of a  button, you need to go to the Historious site and then tag them! That’s the same with Delicious (with or without the addon!) Also with Historious you can bookmark only 3000 sites!

Historious offers a free account and a paid account with just $19 or `900 subscription per year. This paid account lets you add your own tags in the first click itself! Now THIS is when Historious automates everything!!! Plus, the number of pages that can be bookmarked is unlimited! You can also filter by date, check RSS feeds, PDFs and more. If Historious can at least add the on-click-tagging feature in the free account, then it will undoubtedly be the best Bookmarking mechanism ever!

Historious is the innovative concept brought by a Stochastic technologies project. By their site and Twitter account they seem to be quite new! I congratulate them for coming up with simple and cool innovations like this and wish them good luck.

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