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Hi guys, its been a long itme since I posted here. The recent events reminded me to hop on the blogging car again. Hopefully, it wont die down this time again.


It will be stupid to ask you if you have watched the recent blockbusters, Avatar and 2012. If you haven’t don’t read this post… contains spoilers, and please watch them soon!!! But apart from the brilliant technique, supreme direction, mouth-dropping graphics and all the other expertise these movies have offered, I believe, is the message that they voluntarily or involuntarily try to preach. And that’s the old basic lesson of reminding us that we are only human at the end of the day!

Take the example of Jake, the character played by the hero, Sam Worthington. Some may say he was selfish, that only for the sake of his love, he betrayed his own race. But was it only for his love…? Didn’t he salute humanity by respecting and trying to save another race, and preventing us (who did not belong there) from destroying their pleasant lives? I’m sure you were moved towards the Na’vi’s and were rooting against the scrimpy army!


In the movie 2012, it was not only Jackson Curtis (Jake from Avatar, Jack from 2012… hmmm, similar there too) or Dr. Adrian Helmsley who upheld the mettle of humanity, but also many side characters in the movie, like the Presidents of several nations, other world leaders etc. Yes, there’s a black sheep in every herd… the power crazy Carl Anheuser and the other “filthy rich buggers”. At the climax, more than just surviving the catastrophe, it was the humanity that triumphed by letting open the gates of the arc to save more people, even at the risk of the ones who were already safe.

From reel to real life, what did our ‘real’ world leaders just decide upon at the Copenhagen Summit? Now that no concrete policies were signed, they have decided to meet after 6 months. Do you think the climate will change for them then?? Or will it take a disaster like 2012, to bring the world together!! And racism cases still brooding in every part of Earth, we’re creating Pandoras across continents, and border llines!

I feel very funny writing this post, because I dont think people take these things seriously these days, with technology, economics, medical science, governments, etc becoming the heart of all our “busy” lives…

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