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I’m Mario D’Cunha. Software Engineer by profession… I have quite a few interests that I love to write about. My middle name is Arnold and that makes my name’s abbreviation M.A.D. It also stands for Music, Art and Dance… three of my addictions that I’m guess you can’t live without as well. I strive to be a responsible citizen of this world, country and also of my own place in Mangalore, India. I believe that if everyone does their bit towards a developing country like ours, progress would see greater speeds! And let’s not forget our dying earth…

Through WordPress and SocialVibe.com, I have joined the “Keep A Child Alive” Cause that fights for children with AIDS in India and Africa. Please do click on the badge in the blog sidebar and give those children few minutes of your time. This cause has earned about $2000 till date and we need more. Just a free click, and you can save a child’s life!

I have been blogging before but was inconsistent due to academics, etc. Now that I’m done with college I hope I’ve the time to connect my mind to all of you through this blog. I will be needing your views and interpretations so please feel free to leave your comments/suggestions and you can also post requests, if you want me to write on any particular issue, you can contact me here.

Hope to keep you addicted…

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