Tech Review: Microsoft LifeCam With 1080p HD Sensor

Posted: September 15, 2010 in General, Tech, Tech Review
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LifeCam StudioI don’t know why I end up giving only Microsoft Tech Reviews but I just can’t help it. I will surely be writing more variety soon. But for now, behold the Microsoft LifeCam. The name will do justice to itself if Microsoft’s claims come true.

This Webcam’s main feature is the sharp high-definition (HD) video with a true 1080p sensor and LifeCam Studio is the perfect HD video calling companion for Windows Live Messenger 2011. It will offer HD video calling in a 16:9 widescreen. Microsoft claims that LifeCam Studio delivers the closest thing to life, as if one is there at that moment itself, and hence the name. With the technology used here, the camera adjusts itself perfectly to very sunny, very dark or even any unusual condition!

As I have already told many times before, and even in my previous Tech Reviews, the first thing for me whether is gadgets or cars or bikes is… Good Looks! And oh my god does this one look good or not!! It looks, pretty cool an casual, but professional at the same time! Well here are other amazing features of this beauty:

  • 360-degree view range, which means that users can easily point the camera at themselves or around the room.
  • Elongated hood modeled after a high-end camera to help protect the lens from stray light to avoid washed-out colors.
  • As I told above, TrueColor Technology automatically adjusts itself to any lighting conditions. Now that’s not needed so much for me, because I don’t carry my laptop in the sun or anywhere unusual! But this webcam offers detailing to the deepest extent possible, even in low light!
  • Improved Auto Focus and high-precision glass lens for outstanding clarity.

LifeCam Studio will be available exclusively at Best Buy stores later this month for the estimated retail price of $99.95 and is already available on starting today for just $71.99 i.e. about `3300. Microsoft backs this product with a worldwide three-year limited hardware warranty. More information about these and other Microsoft Hardware products can be found at Click here to know more about Microsoft LifeCam.

4 Stars for the best Webcam I’ve ever seen!

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