Mtv’s VJ Anusha…TILTED!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in General, Movies, TV
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I don’t have to give any introduction to Mtv India’s hot and sexy VJ Anusha… not to forget, stylish! Best known for her style, fashion sense and also her show Mtv StyleCheck. She has also acted in a few Hindi films the best of which was the Amitabh Bachchan starrer  Viruddh… Family Comes First. The Sudan born VJ Anusha is an extremely popular face amidst Indian Youth and the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.

You can follow her on Twitter @VJAnusha. When I checked her twitter account, I found some photos recently posted by herself. In all of them… Anusha… was tilted! Lol I know this may sound weird and stupid but check it out yourself. Can’t the Indo-Aussie Diva strike another pose??? I have chosen only five pics. Notice the constant TILT! Lol

Vj Anusha (1)

@VJAnusha: Posing pretty with the lovely Neha Dhupia!

Notice the TILT!

Vj Anusha (2)

@VJAnusha: (From Right to Left) Bipasha Basu, Yuvraj Singh, Priyanka Chopra, VJ Anusha and… the TILT!

Vj Anusha (3)

@VJAnusha: Fashion Designer, Rocky S with VJ Anusha and the TILT!

Vj Anusha (4)

@VJAnusha: Sitting in the new Mtv makeup room in her Juicy Couture short track, super comfy to wear to work!

Notice the Hot Legs and the… TILT!

Vj Anusha (5)[4]

An finally in her current Twitter Profile Pic… she is showing of her beauty, her eyes, her charisma and the TILT!

From the soon to be launched Mario’s PJ Time:

What’s common between the Earth and VJ Anusha?
Ans: Both have a 231/2 o TILT!!!  :D

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  1. Sandesh Rai says:

    Well she isn’t as creative as you who one who jams himself between trees for a pic she has to maintain consistency in her poses

  2. mariouana says:

    There was a mistake. VJ Anusha is Sudan born and brought up in Australia.

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