Favourite Screen Icons: Hansa Bhabhi

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Favourite Screen Icons, General, Movies, TV
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Hansa BhabhiThis is my 5th revelation of My Top 25 Favourite Screen Icons ever and its… its… it is a Hansa Bhabhi. Yes… this is a Hansa and she is a good. She not know Englees that much that much but still… she is a awesome! How many of you have watched Khichdi ? The Hindi TV Series that used to come on Star Plus. It also had a second season called Instant Khichdi which was even more funnier, dumber and crazier!

Hansa Bhabhi is without doubt my favourite character in Khichdi and one of my Top 25. I’m sure she’s a favourite of many of you as well. She’s crazy, dumb, stupid, idiot, “duh”, and you can add as many more foolish adjectives that you want, but still they won’t be enough to even reach Hansa’s level of foolishness. She’s immensely happily married to Praful who’s another complete Do-Do!! These two are easily the dumbest pair that ever existed on or off screen in the history of the universe!!! Note: I’ve saved her character as Hansa Bhabhi and not as Hansa Parekh because she’s fondly known as the former more. Thanks to Supriya Pathak for making Hansa so lovable.

After two smash-hit seasons of Khichdi, its coming back again… in a whole new movie! Wooohoo!! Check out the super-funny trailer here:

If you are not a Khichdi fan (or even if you are) you might want to know some differences in character between the original series and the upcoming movie:

  • Some actors have been replaced the most prominent being the character of Jayshree played by Nimisha VakhariaJayshree (1)Jayshree (2) instead of the original and inimitable Vandhana Pathak. Jayshree defining traits are her gossip on the cordless phone, indifference to her father-in-laws feelings and an evil plan always lurking in her mind. When she gets her plan ready, she has this default “Snap” which only look on Vandhana Pathak. You can notice in the trailer Nimisha doing the “snap” and I so wish that Vandhana was wearing Jayshree’s saree! :-(
  • Also, Jayshree’s children Chucky and Jacky also have been replaced; may be to show the character’s growth by age. So basically, Jayshree’s entire family have new actors. And from the trailer it does not seem that the character of Baavesh Kumar is anywhere in the story. But I don’t think this will make much of a difference. Just missing Vandhana :-(

Now coming to Hansa Bhabhi, I have to mention some of her super-hit dialogues:

  • “Hello… How are… Khana Khaake Jaana haan…”
  • “Hi. I am a Hansa. This is a Jayshree and this is a Himanshu”
  • Eh… Praful… What is?? :-(
  • I’m not a…
  • Mein tho Thak Gayi Bhaishaab!

LOL. I have a very storing feeling that this movie is going to be aKhichdi super-hit and has enough potential to make a mark among India’s best comedy movies ever, of the range of Andaz Apna Apna. For me, Khichdi so far is an Indian Television masterpiece, just like how Friends is to the world. Unique characters, crazy story, fun dialogues and an amazingly script and brilliant actors! I’m going to for the first day first show! You better too!

Meet all your Khichdi characters on Facebook with their own profile accounts (from left to right)

Read their profile info! You’ll have a hearty laugh! Lol I can’t wait for the release!! :D I just wish that Friends also comes up with their movie soon :-)

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  1. Vinayak says:

    The trailer was awesome… loved the “Babu Ji ko dal kue mein” and that jalebi part
    I cant wait for this movie.
    But Jayshree shouldn’t have been changed :-(

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