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Posted: September 12, 2010 in General, Personal, Tech
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I was wanting to go for my own domain with self hosting my blog, but what better opportunity to do it than now! WPWebHost has come up with this amazing giveaway which even you can win! If you have a blog on a free blogging service like or, or you want to make a new one, you can now self-host your blog for free!!! :-) And that too with you own custom domain…

First of all, there is a reason why my current blog (this blog) is mainly on WordPress and not on Blogger, and its because WordPress is way better than! So here’s why a self-hosted WordPress blog is much better:

  • You can customize your blog’s design with your own premium themes.
  • You can enrich your blog’s features with thousands of free third party plugins.
  • Your own your blog content and backup is available.
  • You are free to put advertisements on your blog.
  • You can enhance your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easily with plugins.

Basically, you OWN your blog completely… ;-) Now here’s what WPWebHost is offering as a prize in this simple contest: 1 year Rookie Plan with FREE domain name (1GB space | 5GB/mo. bandwidth) Cool isn’t it??!!!

How To Win?

  1. Blog about this contest and link back to this post. You could take a banner here and insert to your post.
  2. Get 7 comments for your post. (Trackback isn’t counted)
  3. Submit your blog post URL through comments below this post, along with your name and valid email address in the provided fields.
  4. Yippee! You have just won a FREE WordPress hosting plan + a domain name. We will email you further steps to claim the prize within 2 weeks.

Now ain’t that cool o’wat??!!! For the Terms & Conditions and other details check the parent post here.

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  1. djd says:

    best of luck man hope you will get your free domain and host soon.
    Its a great plan by wphosts

  2. ajay says:

    wow!!! just what i needed !
    i can have a kewl domain name and an independent blog …woohooooo !!

  3. rizzy says:

    hey this is so cool and interesting hmmm… i think i should start my blog now…

  4. ntnbkta says:

    heyy wow !! that’s so cool :) i hope u win it :) even m thinking of starting a blog of my own :)

  5. Mario Monteiro says:

    hey this is awesome

  6. Rushil Shah says:

    Nice … Was planning to start a blog …this seems good! and yes m definitely gonna go for wordpress!!

  7. Sandesh Rai says:

    this is so cool! i hope they have giveaways like this all the time..

  8. Ravan Jr. says:

    hey…nice !!!!! i think im gonna start off with my blog soon!!!!

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