Movie Review: Piranhas 3D

Posted: September 3, 2010 in General, Movie Review, Movies, TV
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PiranhasJust came back from watching Piranhas (in 2D) and I’m feeling sick! This movie is completely meant ONLY for adults because even some adults may find it too much to handle! So all below 18 don’t watch this, and all below 15 don’t read this review!

Gist: After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents!

First things first! This movie is made for 3D. So please watch it in 3D if possible. Some people watch movies in 2D first and then it 3D, but trust me, most of you may not want to watch this movie again!!! BUT, that doesn’t mean this movie is bad… confused?? Let me give you the clear idea.

As I said, this is an adult movie. From the start of the movie till almost the end, you will see boobies, bikini’s and babes (hunks for the girls too)! But you won’t be drooling all along, may be only for the first 20-30 min. Once the Piranhas make their gross presence felt, the film goes into GORE mode. There’s flesh, meat, blood, human organs all around the place as the deadly fish bring havoc with their teeth of destruction! Now, judging from an adult, gore and thrilling genre, this film is good!!
Note: Christopher Lloyd makes a special guest appearance in the movie. If you remember he played Uncle Fester from the 1993 Addams Family.

So what is so bad about this film then? The biggest thing that hit me is that the fish look like some kind of robot-of-sorts, but fish nonetheless. Needed better editing and the characters other than the main leads were somewhat cardboard figures. Also, when some (especially girls) may say that this film is bad, they mean to say that this film is good! This is gore movie, and it is supposed to make you feel bad and sick!

Should you watch it? Yep! If you’re a Biology student, you won’t have a problem :-) You may also take your girlfriend along with you. Ya… I’m serious! She’ll be hugging you all throughout the movie while the film freaks her out! Just hope that she’s not a bio-student! Having said all this, the ‘gore’ness of Piranhas is nothing compared to that of Saw!A neat ‘gore’ movie, simple story, sexy and a nice thriller. Watch it in theatres ONLY, especially try for 3D! I will give an extra half-star for the added effect in 3D.

31/2 Stars

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  1. meghna says:

    there is nothin exciting abt this movie…its like all the other jaw type of movies….animals go out of control…killin people …blah blah…and a bunch of brave guys come and rescue every1……it doesnt look any different….. same old story…………..

  2. Ravan Jr. says:

    @meghna this ain’t nuthin like jaws…this is what happens when Jaws makes an appearance in SAW and Final Destination and then it goes 3D…. freakin awesome movie to watch in 3D…..
    one of the best moments is the Appearance of Christopher Lloyd….if your’e a fan of Back to the future you’ll definitely remmember Doc Emmet Brown’s hyperactive explanations!!!
    @mario, im sure you did what we told ya in the theater,and im sure you didnt have fish for dinner that night!!

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