Round-Ups: August 2010

Posted: September 1, 2010 in General, RoundUps
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AugRUps (4)

Yaay! I finish a proper first month today since I consistently began MARIOUANA. I never thought blogging would be so much fun in the first month itself! I was blogging in February as well, but then couldn’t keep up with it due to college work etc. So finally, my blog is in form, steady and has got an entire shape and size to its body. I’m delighted! Here are the highlights of my first successful month.

Top Three days:

  1. August 31, Tuesday, 2010
    Page views: 188
    Top posts of the day: Pee for Petrol?!!! and “Saffron Terror” Hmmm
  2. August 22, Sunday, 2010
    Page views: 179
    Top posts of the day: Barkha Dutt graces Femina Cover! and Top 10 Women ever on Indian TV!
  3. August 30, Monday, 2010
    Page views: 176
    Top posts of the day: “Saffron Terror” Hmmm and Pee for Petrol?!!!

August 2010 Awards:

Bests of August 2010:

AugRUps (1)AugRUps (2)AugRUps (3)

  • The Movie Review, Inspirers and Favourite Screen Icons series of posts were a Smash Hit! Will continue to be :-)
  • Currently placed in 4th position with 57 votes in the IndiBlogger Contest. Glad to be the only Non-Ranked IndiBlogger until now, in the top five :-) Thanks to all those who voted. I continue to need your votes.

Improvements in September 2010:

  • Enabled Rating for posts and comments
  • Mario’s PJ Time and Marioism will be added to the blog in either Categories or two new Pages :-)
  • May move to my own domain with a new theme
  • Contests to be created :-) Addiction to be increased :-) Prizes to be given away :-)
  • Hoping to reach a total of about 6000 or more addictions!

Special thanks to Karthik Kastury, Rushil Shah and Chaitanya S. Thanks to all of you for your visits, comments, suggestions and support on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Emails and in person. Trying to be the best blogger I can. Hope you remain addicted to what concerns your attention… :-)

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  1. ricercar says:

    nice :-)
    thanks for your message
    will check it out!

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