Pee for Petrol?!!!

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Design, General, Personal, Tech
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Pee for Petrol has won the first place at the national level, ‘Ignobles’ IIT TechFest, Bombay, Jan 2010  for the most innovative idea and also at ‘Impulse’ NMAMIT, Nitte, March 2010 (a State Level Technical Symposium, Karnataka, India). All details and ideas mentioned above and connected to are subject copyrights and required sharing permissions.

  1. Guha Rajan says:

    haha… innovative idea and exhaustive description through formulae (though my chemistry is week).

    Its much simpler to use Green energy & sun is the answer.

  2. Hitesh says:

    hahhaahahaaa…… you are really into it…so much of research …… and you simplified it too
    instead of asking HP to make it…….just show this to Indian gov and i’m sure you’ll get a grant for this… much as you want……… :)

    you made a who new swf……glad to see that you have put in a lot of effort into it……….

    by far you have the best post……. \,,/

  3. A great idea! That Pee for Petrol has won the first place for a at IIT Techfest, Bombay, Jan 2010 for the most innovative idea and also at Impulse 2010 (a State Level Technical Symposium, Karnataka) is a clear proof of the feasability of the idea. Congratulations! Keep it up!

  4. Ujjwal says:

    Wohao! Wish you good luck with your venture guys!

  5. Hey buddy, really a nice concept, and ui’ve done a hell lot of research…..

  6. Pratiba says:

    Congratulations :) I still can’t digest the fact that you’ve presented here neatly. ;) 5 years of work payed off quite well :)

  7. Azad says:

    Too good to believe! But my best wishes!
    May you take it a long way forward!

    Cheers :)

  8. Piyush says:

    Sick idea dude… (in a good way) ;)

    Best of Luck for the competiton

  9. Deepak says:

    Nice going guyz…5yrs of hard work, research and analysis…clarity in explanation…a totally green solution…well hope to see this hit the front page someday soon..with a working model.

  10. Satwinder Singh says:

    Amazing. Am speechless.

  11. Rashmi Nair says:

    okay! :P so if this really works then the whole sanitation industry will be revamped….. I can actually imagine restrooms with a sign saying take a leak for fuel….

    but what about the cases in which a person is suffering from some disease … hmm pros and cons will be there but its really a good research and I do hope it succeeds.

    Pee for petrol! :D

  12. D2 says:

    The idea is brilliant. Shell should start looking into this idea of yours. :D
    And your presentation is impeccable. I wonder if you’re serious with this idea! I have voted for you, and I hope you win. This is by far the best post for this contest I have read.

    Just one question.Where did Nitrogen and Oxygen disappear in the reaction? :P

  13. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    Eureka..eureka! How did you get this brilliant idea? If put in to action, India can be a big BOSS! Anyhow, my good wishes to win the contest and yes, my vote for you.

    • mariouana says:

      thanks you for all ur votes. if you haven’t voted yet, please do so here:

      @D2: will approach Shell soon ;-) nitrogen spilts to C and H, oxygen forms oxides :-)

      @rashmi: the pee is analysed first in the analyser. only proper solution is allowed :-)

  14. Try not using cow’s urine in future, cows are sacred, will be against our religion.

  15. DuDo says:

    LOL, i had a nice laugh reading it all way long till the end!! specially the Slogan “when Nature calls, Petrol falls!” But to say its a great evolutionary idea to ponder on!!! If your idea is materialized it will sell like hot cakes hehe, i would definitely promote it bro… You won the bet I loved the post :)

  16. harshasrisri says:

    u know what… exactly 5 yrs back, me and a friend of mine were thinking abt this idea… but all we cud do was just think coz, the implementation part was beyond our scope of study and imagination… but seeing it in reality is awesome… making this compulsory for all households like the solar water heater, might help us all to a great extent…
    the concept is awesome. but just wondering about one statistic tho…
    given that for an average Indian family (of 4-5 ppl per household), with an average of 10-15ltrs water consumption per day, at normal health and weather conditions, how much petrol can be extracted? a minimum quantity of around 2-3 litres would be awesome! if it is lesser, then it must justify the maintenance and cost of consumables like liq-N.
    what about the space occupied by it?

  17. Icaruz says:

    WTF !!! Such stuff needs to be published the day after March 31st …

    Gotta commend your tomfoolery skills though… you’ve got a wicked yet creative little mind there, buddy.

    Amazed at how many suckers we’ve got here… ha ha ha !! The suckers must have failed in chemistry every year.

    1. Bolt of electricity on a ‘N’ atom –> ‘H’ atom, ‘C’ atom… ? WTF !!!
    2. Combine (how?) ‘H’ atom + ‘C’ atom –> Petrol … WTF !!!

    You created the Petrol HC molecular structure by Nanobots ???

  18. Icaruz says:

    Of course, you would not publish my post… don’t worry, I have better plans for you.

  19. Icaruz says:

    Ah… now that you’ve clarified, I take my emotive words back !!
    Rock on!

  20. Pramod Kamath says:

    HAHA!!.. ammmmmmmmazing man.. nice to see our work gettin awesome publicity!!.. anyone has any doubts with the reactions mentioned , let me know!! :) .. will send more explanations!!

  21. RZD says:

    Ah, this is a fun concept … eternal supply of petrol :P

  22. Nishant says:

    Good. I’ve cast my vote.

  23. Innovative idea. The intricacies weren’t very clear as chemistry has never been a strong point for me. But hey, pee is something we have in abundance…so it’d be great to see the petrol prices go down! :)

  24. ramalakmi says:

    Huh, great idea.. I will vote for sure..

  25. i was kind of disgusted with the title first.. wasnt sure if my stomach could take it :P.
    anyways, its a very convincing idea.
    and seems you have put quite a lot of effort into your theory.

  26. Hayaah says:

    This sounds like just the post this contest is about in all logic and sense.
    Good luck.
    I hope I get the vote in right.

    *clueless yet still in indiblogger-ville*

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  28. But imagine not flushing after peeing…and what about cleaning of the toilet with harpic!
    great Idea if it would work…imagine how much is going a begging!

  29. Dhiraj Shenoy says:

    Hey nice one , hope we can get more of these kind of technology . life will just simpler and more interesting also

  30. Pallavi says:

    Very innovative!! If only someone would actually put this to good use ;-) it would solve the petrol problem, and a host of other issues as well!

  31. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    Hearty Congratulations on winning the contest.

  32. D.A says:


    would love to see this in action! :P

  33. raji1082 says:

    Hey is this really true!?I am surprised!!!I will take time and read it once again in detail.Now I just glanced through..:)

  34. Jobin Martin says:

    Man,you did your homework well! After reading it,I was confused as to whether this can be true.Nominated for the scientist of the year award..

  35. Venu says:

    Innovative idea. All the best guys.

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