Mr. Doob: Fonts in water

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Design, General, Tech
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All you coders and designers out there have got to check this out. Not sure if many of you have seen this before, but here it is. This is a Watery Font and as you type, the font forms itself through waves! Looks pretty neat. This is made using HTML5 by Mr. Doob.
Mr. Doob is Ricardo Cabello, a designer and developer that likes to play with the possibilities of the web. Here you’ll find a selection of client works, experiments and some words about the process. He is a freelancer and you can contact him on Check out this watery font…


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  1. pramod says:

    inventor has a cool name!! :)

  2. mariouana says:

    yep… his blog and work are cool too…

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