You might want to read the prequel to this post: Small steps to the Big Screen. Rochershake Productions have finished their second project and have released their mini-movie… “Citius, Fortius, Chronos – A boon or a curse”. Not sure about having super powers, but these guys have a boon for sure! They have uploaded the entire movie on YouTube. Click the following image to watch it.

CFC Wallpaper

Just as in their first release “The Law” normal household lighting, normal cameras, and normal everyday technicalities have been used here… exploiting almost everything impossible which we wouldn’t think of. This film took 8 days of shooting and another 4 days of non-stop editing. Just the final punch scene took 8 hours of editing and the jump scene took 3 hours!! They had never ever before used these softwares and it was all on the spot learning! Talk about spontaneous creativity!!

CFCThe super speed guy Citius, played by Nishil Davawala, lived quite far off and thus for a few scenes, they had to get his voice recorded and sent through email to be edited and then merged right. Wooh! They had also shot a multiple ending for the film in case the special effects didn’t work out well… hmmm professionalism kicking in eh?? Nice!
Unfortunately the monsoon did not allow them to shoot two scenes… but that kinda helped them because they had to fit it within a tight 15min for a YouTube upload. Even at the moment, there are heavy floods in Ahmedabad, where most of them stay.
Judging the film as a whole, it could have had a heavier story, when compared to “The Law”. I knew they would come up with amazing special effects, but some of them were beyond my expectations! Not only that, they wanted to add more effects to make the climax more ‘super-looking’ but their hardware configurations resulted in a lag for the effects thrown in. Now that’s what I call, exploitation to the limits! Well edited and directed by Rushil Shah and Pulah Shah… especially at certain scenes.

This is only the beginning to when one day Rajiv Masand and Anupama Chopra will have three or more stars beside them on your TV screen! All I can say is this one, is an AMAZING piece of work for what their resources had to offer. And my advice to Rochershake Productions is only this… “Forget 15min!! We know how to use torrents! Build a competition to ‘Paranormal Activity’ and the likes!”. Way to go!

P.S: The reason why they are named Rochershake Productions is because on the premier of their first release “The Law” they had Ferrero Rocher Milk Shakes! LOL :P

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