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Posted: August 5, 2010 in General, Inspirers, Personal, Social, Political
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sahalThis is my second post on this series and even I got to boy this boy genius through the papers. Sahal Kaushik is a 14 year old boy who is the toper of Delhi region IIT JEE examination and holds an all India rank of 33-the youngest ever toper in IIT JEE examination . This is not a big thing for Sahal. He was in the frontlines years back also. In 2006-07 Sahal Kaushik  was named Young Astronomer by the Nehru Planetarium, Delhi.  Last year he won Silver medal in the Tenth Asian Physics Olympiad and only  step away to represent India in International Physics Olympiad- Mexico.

In the press meeting Ms Ruchi  Kaushik said “ At three, he could recite multiplication tables of up to 100. I just knew he would not fit in the formal system of education.” Sahal was registered for Class IX at Vandana International School in Dwarka when he was 10. Physics teacher from his coaching Narayna Academy says “He cracks mathematical problems mentally. That’s what he did in the JEE”. Now call this hard work? or a special marvel of God’s engineering skills?

Sahal also breaks the myth of toppers scoring 90 plus in board exams. This topper scored a modest 76 percent in Class 10 and 73 percent in Class 12 board exams. ‘He has a sharp brain, does calculations very fast, but fails to express very well on paper. Perhaps that is why he scored less in CBSE exams,’ Ruchi said. Now there’s the inspiration for me… It just goes to prove again how pathetic the Indian Educational System is!!! I hope this article and gems like Sahal, show Indian children that they don’t have to trust the “system” so much. Its just a “system” and we’re far beyond it…

Courtesy: Sify and TechlineInfo

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