Favourite Screen Icons: Capt. Jack Sparrow

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Favourite Screen Icons, General, Movies, TV, Personal
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Just as I started the Inspirers series of posts, here I begin my first entry in my Favourite Screen Icons series of posts. ITs hard to decide the order of preference for them… really HARD! So I will post in random order and today I pick the inimitable and everyone’s favourite Captain Jack Sparrow!

Captain Jack Sparrow

What made me add him to my ‘favourites’ list is… hmmm… I don’t know! THAT is what made his way to the list! Confused? So you should be! That’s the most interesting part of his character. Is he in a positive role, negative role? If he selfish or a good friend when one needs him? The depth of confusion infused into Capt. Sparrow is I think much more than the ‘exciting confusion’ you can find in all the three installments of Pirates of the Caribbean so far. And what better actor to embody Sparrow, than the sharp faced Johnny Depp. One brilliant actor, one brilliant character.

Not only will Capt. Jack Sparrow stay on my favourite list, or everyone else’s but he will go down in the history of World Cinema forever! I give it up to the writers of the Pirates series who thought that a nut-crack, cunning, selfish pirate, always stinking of rum would stand so tall and leaving such an entertaining impression forever!

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