Small steps to the Big Screen

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Design, General, Movies, TV, Tech
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Are you a movie buff? Do you love watching movies for more than just the entertainment? Do you dream of becoming an actor, director, film technician one day? Here is a group of special people who with only their limited resources, have created this little masterpiece. This is a very respectable piece or work and creativity but not the best, because I’m sure their best is yet to come!


Rochershake Productions presents “The Law”. The Law wasn’t planned under a scheduled meeting or taking ideas from experts. One day, this group of friends, all about the same age group of 22 years were hanging out with each other, playing poker and killing time during their vacation. It just occurred to them, that they could possibly make a movie, and from then on the idea just grew!

Were they worried about light setting, filming, editing? Naaa… they knew they had the talent and the will! What else do you need! As their game of poker carried on that evening, each of them were given a character casually, and slowly it began developing into into a story… and behold… The Law. Click on the following image to watch the entire film.

The Law[8]

The Law was made was shot over a span of 3 days from 10pm to 4am every day and night. What’s amazing to me and I guess to everyone too is that they have used practically ‘nothing special’ to create this simple yet intricate film.  All what is used in this film is normal house lighting (tube lights, bulbs) and street lamps (for the road scenes). The total budget was 900 bucks, which was for the tripod they bought. For the video, a Cannon 8.1MP digital camera was used, without any expertise in acting, shooting or editing. All this… and Windows Movie Maker! Amazing isn’t it?

This is not uploaded on YouTube because then, the limit was just 10min, while the film is almost 15min. Currently Rochershake Productions are working on their next release “Citius, Fortius, Chronos – A boon or a curse”. I’m more impatient for this release than any other main stream movies like SALT or all the recent crappy Bollywood flicks! The minor problem they’re facing now is to condense the new film to 15 min which is the upload limit of YouTube. For now, watch the trailer of Citius, Fortius, Chronos and then I’m sure you’ll be awaiting the release too!

CFC Wallpaper[7]

Aditya Aggarwal, Akanksha Shah, Daksh Bajoria, Karan Shah, Meghna Amin, Nishil Davawala, Parthiv Shah, Pulah Shah
Rushil Shah and Tulsa Bhatt constitute this amazing team. I applaud all of them for their amazing use of time in their vacation and for inspiring us. All the best to all their future creations and efforts!

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  1. djds4rce says:

    ur blog and the movie both are awesome :D

  2. Rushil Shah says:

    thanks mario agian…

    and CFC has released :

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