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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted: February 12, 2010 in General, Social, Political
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I want to share with you an SMS I recieved today. It read “Friends please don’t copy from foriegners. Only we Indians celebrate Raksha Bandhan and none other countries do the same. Then why the hell do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Wake up Indians! True love can be expressed on any day. Needn’t be Valentine’s Day only. Please forward”. This is what the SMS (from one of my contacts) had to say.

Now I have many replies to that SMS. First of all… I’m a free person. If I want to copy Western culture or Arab Culture, eat cockroaches instead of chicken, so be it! I have the right… who the %&*@ are you to stop me!
Indian’s don’t copy from foreigners? We speak in English during Filmfare and Screen Awards; our Parliament sessions are in English! The clothes we usually were is tshirt and jeans, not kurtha pyjama, and that’s what makes ‘traditional days’ so special in schools and colleges.
The reason why other countries don’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan is their problem! Why do we need them to copy us, when we like their culture? If they do take part in our culture, we should feel happy. And infact, they do… they love our classical music, ancient traditions, the “Namaste” and so many othe things… not just these “days”!!!
Oh… and about celebrating love on all days instead of just valentine’s day. Why the hell do you celebrate Birthdays then??? Let’s celebrate life everyday!!!


And yes, all you fellow-indians reading this must have already got the name Pramod Muthalik in your heads. Well, he’s the main character of the blog post. He plays… the LOSER!!! I don’t want to put his blackened face (grease… or no grease, he’s blackened for life after last year’s pub attacks) picture here and spoil this blog post. That’s why I’ve used the picture of what really matters most… and that is love.

If any one of you disagree even slightly to my reply or agree even slightly with that SMS above, I have to tell you one thing… LOVE IS UNIVERSAL… and it should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Week and Valentine’s Month! So shut the ^&%* up and mind your own boring business!

Love is beautiful, love is divine… Happy Valentine’s Day to all you in love and those waiting for love to come their way… Cheers…