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Design tip: The Crayon Effect

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Design, General
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Crayon Look.jpgDrawing is one of my other interests, apart from singing and dancing… I usually draw only cartoon, copy drawing etc. I don’t like to use water colours and paints and stuff… makes everything messy! But I love crayons and fibre-tip pens whenit comes to colouring. I also draw using Microsoft Paint and a 2D Animation tool called Pencil. The following picture is what I drew using Pencil (you can do the same with Paint) and I used it in a Christmas Greeting:

For the crayon look, first you need to have a lot of patience and precision. This can be better used for small images like the one shown above. All I did was, after I drew the outline, I took the pencil tool, selected my colour, and coloured the part… using the pencil. So all those small pencil lines come together to give a feel as if it has been coloured with a wax crayon…

Comic and graphic designers can use this tip… and well, this was just a small discovery. If you have other better ways of going about this, please share it with me. Plus, there may be other softwares to do this too, but I always prefer doing “simple things for simple things”. And its not time consuming at all if you draw regularly.

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