Dying poor is ur fault? Really?!

Posted: January 12, 2010 in General, Social, Political
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Poverty.pngI’ve heard of this saying somewhere “If you’re born poor it’s not your fault; but if you die poor, it’s definitely your fault.” Do you know the source of this quote? And do you agree on this? I feel it is right to a certain extent. If anyone is born poor, it’s not their fault… but if anyone dies poor, its everyone’s fault! That brings me to this old fable, guess you might already be knowing it. “One day I asked God… “God, you created the world because you loved it right? Then why are you allowing poverty and hunger destroy it? Aren’t you going to do anything about it?” Then God replied… “Yes I am… that’s why I created you!”

Can we ever live in a world where there wouldn’t be poverty? Will such a ‘perfect’ world be ‘healthy’? I mean, what if all are engineers, doctors and film stars… there won’t be any masons, or security guards, or garbage cleaners anymore! Don’t you think they are as important as others in building our world? Take the ‘Dubai Flop Show’ for example. All those workers stranded in those artificial sand islands, are together, the only way Dubai is going to keep up its ‘promises’! Blessed Mother Teresa once told… “The hunger for love is worse than hunger for food…”. In today’s world, I think its the other way round. I mean why will a malnutritioned child care for who loves him and who doesn’t. They’re just craving for a morsel of food, so that they can take each breath with ease! They need a life first, then the love…

Does it itch or prick you when you pass by a beggar, near the church, temple or elsewhere? When your having dinner at a local restaurant with your family and a boy of your age, probably younger, comes to wipe the table. He doesn’t even look at any of your faces… one because the table is his workplace, second he’s the least bothered about you! I’ve tried this out, and I suggest you try it once too… that a smile and a nice small-talk just makes his day!

“Poverty and Global Warming are very similar; your actions can affect a whole lot of other people, and by the time you realise that, it would be your time to leave earth, and your next generation will have to pay the price!” – Mario Dcunha

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  1. ilovekenya says:

    I would agree that dying poor is society’s fault, not a personal fault. What short experiences I have had with some of the world’s poorest people have demonstrated that even if they get “the break” that would help them move past extreme poverty, someone in power may take that chance away from them for whatever reason.

    I disagree with the semantics of saying we need poverty because we need all vocations. I think we agree in principle – we need all vocations, but what if all vocations provided enough (and some more than enough) to feed, clothe, provide medical treatment and education for our families.

    I would have to agree with Mother Teresa based on the fact that love is actually a verb and too many people view it as a noun. If we truly loved the poverty-stricken in our world, our love, our action from that emotion, our verb would be to feed them. I believe the poor need our love and I believe that love looks like a plate of food.

  2. mAriOjUaNa says:

    Thank you for those comments… Well my point of the masons etc was just to bring out the fact that we need to respect them for what they are and too add ‘value’ to the poverty stricken world… And yes I too have to agree very much with your point about Mother Teresa.. I just gave an abstract view…

  3. Tuppence says:

    Very true. a nice post. came here through Abhishek blog. Nice writing

  4. This is a complicated situation where you cannot blame anyone in specific. The situation of dying depends on a number of factors – starting from age, living conditions, medical attention, economic conditions of the family/person to the neighbours, accidents, and society at large. I personally do not alms to young children or men/women who are able bodied to work..but I do give to aged people, physically challenged or eununchs just because they either cannot work or they will not be given work by the society.

  5. Sally says:

    if you live in the U.S. this is true. If you are poor, it is your own fault. Stop with the pity party because you’re too lazy to make things happen for yourself. Obv. there are factors which can pull you down or help you up…but in the end, even if you fell down tons of times over, it was YOUR fault…and it was YOUR fault you didn’t get ahead. If you fall a million times, it is still your fault for not thinking, “gee…what could i do differently so this wouldn’t keep happening?” Hmmmmm
    There is a difference between poor and poverty-stricken btw.
    The photo you included is of the later.

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