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Posted: January 9, 2010 in General, Social, Political
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Some of you reading this post would be working, some would be students and some, in the way between. I want to take you back to those days… where the worst disease that students ever feared hit them atleast once a year… examinations!!

What’s in an exam…? Well if you ask your parents or your grandparents, exam was all what a student must worry about. Well yes… but is that all? Why do we quiver and shiver when it comes to exams? Don’t we go to college everyday, finish our classes and come back home, get on with our play and other activities? Can’t we do the same for an exam? All we have to do is prepare enough, go to school/college, write what is asked and come back! You must be thinking its not so simple as I’ve said… well… it is… but only if you beleive in it.

You have the pencil to make of what you have. Why do we fear ghosts? Why do we beleive in God? Some great person has said… “…its all in the mind!” Go back to your high school days, where you lost a paper by 3 or 4 marks, where you got 60 when you were expecting 90 marks! Does that even remotely bother you now?!!! I can surely tell, that if “people” don’t create the hype that surrounds board exams, there would be more distinctions, and far lesser suicides!!!

I knew a friend in my 12th standard, who wrote his math exams sweating and panting. After the exam was over, he used to come out of the hall shaking and trembling… literally!!! But today, in our engineering college, he somehow reads through through whatever ‘he can’ and comes out smooth. When the results were out he said, “Phew! A smooth 57 is way better than a nerve-racking, brain-twisting 60!” The basic idea is to keep your cool. Infact, don’t think about keeping cool… just stay the way you are as usual…

You can go on and blame the ‘system’, your school, your teacher who didn’t teach you the subject well… but the only person who can surely get you through any hurdle… is you! All you got to do is BELIEVE. Take a look at the picture above… you control the pencil; you can draw yourself, worried, tensed in the exam hall… or what if the pencil in the picture was replaced by an eraser! Just erase the exam worry off… after all… it’s just another exam!

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  1. Mario,
    My first time here. Will stop by for more later.

    I agree. The less said about ‘system’ the better, it can go on for pages. But like you say, it is what it is and we have to work within it’s confines. So given that, like you rightly say, YOU(oneself) are the best person to help yourself.

    I’m sure I mugged up a whole lot while studying. But sometimes it does help. A sanskrit subhashita that I rote learn in 8th comes in handy while I write a blog ; then it was rote, now I can sit and marvel at it’s beauty. Might seem stupid but now that there’s no exam tension (out of college and working), I love pulling up my 12 std calculus book and solving a problem ; solving it and analyzing it..

  2. mAriOjUaNa says:

    hmmm… you’re rite… what i meant was not to ignore exams, but to take it just as a regular day… rather than beating drums and hailing the day…
    cya around here…

  3. SiD says:

    Shit…math exam…old haunting nightmares are back!!!

  4. Nethra says:

    Well, its almost the same thing that would be on my mind whenever I gave my exams. What would happen if my exams went bad? I would fail, that is all. No big deal! :)
    Nice post. :)

  5. Dreamer says:

    if “people” don’t create the hype that surrounds board exams, there would be more distinctions, and far lesser suicide” – Totally agree. If one does not feel pressure and stress I am sure our minds could be free to give our thoughts free reign.

  6. Raksha Raman says:

    Hello! Nice read :) Life operates in strange ways…Exams scared the shit out of me when I was a student..but later in life when I looked back, it seems funny to have bothered so much about exams! The topics that once seemed difficult seem so easy a few years later. May be it is the stress and the pressure and the hype surrounding the exam, that make it look so bad! It is not so bad after all. Shall come back for more…Good luck!

  7. mAriOjUaNa says:

    I must thank Narendra Pai for introducing me to Blog-a-ton… and ‘BLog’a’ton’ is a nice way of “Spreading the message”…

    • narendra says:

      narendra pai is here….hiding in the bushes…waiting for praises!!!yay!!thanks.nice post…BLOG-A-Ton immediately introduces you to a variety of bloggers…and its fun to run in the marathon…!keep blogging ..keep running..spread the message of BAT!! :) :P

  8. Karthik says:

    That was a great post, Mario. There are some nice sentences to read again. Loved the way you’ve interpreted the picture. It makes perfect sense. “you control the pencil…” Excellent!
    All the best, dude. First time here. Your writing style is superb. Will come back again.
    All the best for blog-a-ton! :-)

  9. mAriOjUaNa says:

    thanks for the good critique… will try to write better and more interesting posts here… just started off a month ago

  10. Nice stuff… Replacing Pencil with eraser is an innovative idea! Keep going.

    All the best

  11. aativas says:

    in a way BAT too is an exam! :)

  12. gkam says:

    Nicely done. Its true how examination pressure of excelling in exams drives young students to the most extreme steps.

    Good luck for BATOM6! :)

  13. Alok Parande says:

    Hello, We have started a new initiative on facebook, to stop student suicides.. It will be great if you can join in and support us in this.. Spread the word, Save a life..

  14. Hi,

    “Phew! A smooth 57 is way better than a nerve-racking, brain-twisting 60!”

    You are on spot on. I have realized that things go our way more often than not if we are not overwhelmed by the situation/ context. I think the trend is changing, albeit slowly. The current generation of youngsters are looking at a future outside of gr8 academics, like choreography, fashion designing etc., something that we could not even contemplate 10 years back. So, don’t worry, as the economy and thinking matures, this will start getting normalized…

  15. Shruti says:

    I loved this interpretation of the picture! And btw, welcome to BAT! You will really enjoy the stay!

  16. prashansa puranik says:

    I liked your view about exams.I have to keep in mind this as I am again going thro’ this blunder with my daughter.It was easy for me when I was giving the exams but it is very hard for me when she is doing it! so I have to keep in mind that It’s just another exam! that is such a relief!!!! Thank u!

  17. Happening and one of the most debatable topics of contemporary educational system …..
    May be we are more concerned on Adaptation to the Globalisation than the adoption of social welfare parameters…
    Good post :)

  18. Pawan says:

    Yea, just say “Aal izz Well” write the exam and thank mario for that :D
    Just as simple as it, good one!

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